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⚡️ MTC (Medical Tourism Corporation) Today: From the CEO's Desk

Video Transcription

Dear Tribe,

I wish you & your families a great 2021! The year 2020 is no doubt going to be memorable(an understatement!) 😷

Thanks to all the front-line Covid warriors, especially our medical fraternity, for selflessly helping us overcome this epidemic.

For some, it was sorrowful. Losing loved ones, being unemployed, or just being cooped up, was depressing. For our family losing our 11-month-old puppy, Muffin was disheartening.

Twenty-twenty was challenging for business & income for many, including me.

It was a time of self-discovery & getting to know your kids, spouse, siblings, parents, extended family & even neighbors. The bonds created in 2020 between family members & our neighbors are endearing in a special way.

What have been your highs & lows of 2020? I look forward to reading it in the comments section.

What experts were forecasting on social technology to happen in 2030 has been fast-forwarded to now. The quarantine forced us to adapt, & technology to advance rapidly. This will be another positive to be taken from these eventful times.

I want 2021 to be the year our company laid the foundation for solid values reflected in our company culture:

1. Keeping customer delight as number 1(safe, easy & quality medical trip experience).

2. Team members who have “Ownership Thinking.” That means happy and productive people who have an emotional connection to the success of the organization. Who takes accountability for quality & the success of outcomes of their work. Know what is their role and how their work impacts the important key performance indexes.

3. Active engagement with our customers (patients). Know them better and use technologies like video conferencing and social media for meaningful engagement and forging greater understanding. Our customers should be our ambassadors

4. Hot Sync with our medical provider network (have good communication). Only work with partners who can deliver affordable, quality & easy patient experience. Have transparent and honest financial dealings.

5. Increase Social Responsibility. In the past, we have been helping disadvantaged communities. Arranging free dental check-ups for orphans, tree plantation drives. In 2021 we want to do better and be more impactful.

Change is never comfortable, and as we move towards this vision, I would love to hear from you how well we are keeping these promises. Your feedback & suggestions are welcomed!

I look forward to a great future together for all of us.

Warm Regards,
Deepak Datta

About Medical Tourism Corporation – MTC
Facilitate medical & dental procedures at affordable prices. Popular with self paying individuals in the USA & Canada for weight loss surgery(Bariatric Surgery – gastric sleeve, gastric bypass), dental work (Implants, crowns, bridges), Orthopedic surgery(knee & hip replacement), cosmetic surgery, stem cells & more. Destinations include Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Columbia, Thailand, Vietnam, & many more


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