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10 New Spring Books That Will Get You Excited For Sunnier Days Ahead

10 New Spring Books That Will Get You Excited For Sunnier Days Ahead

Spring is imminent, bookworms! With daylight savings officially behind us, we’ve now gained an extra hour for reading (or book shopping; however you want to spend it is OK with us). The sun is beginning to peek through the clouds, and our favorite outdoor reading spots are slowly starting to reopen. Here at Scary Mommy Book Club, our bookcases are turning into a melting pot of pink peony, lilac, sunflower yellow, and ocean blue book covers — a telltale sign that we are entering our spring reading era.

March, April, and May can be a weird time for reading as bibliophiles race to catch up on their winter TBR stacks while trying to make shelf space for beach reads. But as a self-proclaimed book nerd myself, I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring your attention to some of my favorite spring 2024 releases. For good measure, I even sourced a few buzzy winter titles because whoever said owning too many books was ever a bad thing?

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1. First Lie Wins by Ashley Elston

Here at Scary Mommy Book Club, we love a twisted game of cat and mouse. In First Lie Wins, we meet Evie Porter, who seemingly has it all: the perfect partner, an idyllic mansion with a picket fence, and a fabulous circle of friends. The only thing is — *drumroll* — Evie Porter isn’t a real person; it’s an alias. “Evie” is trying to juggle her past and a promising future, all while also trying to stay alive.

2. Good Material by Dolly Alderton

From the author of Everything I Know About Love comes another tale of loss, heartbreak, and love. On top of trying to mend his broken heart, Andy is a standup comic without a home whose friends have all gone on to do grown-up, fabulous things with their lives. If only he could understand why Jen broke things off to begin with, then he could get to work trying to put things back together.

For her latest rom-com masterpiece, Alderton interviewed 15 men about heartbreak and channeled their answers into Andy’s story. It’s brilliantly written and, yes, even funny!

3. Significant Others by Zoë Eisenberg

Thirty-something-year-olds Jess and Ren have been inseparable since college. The pair own a home together and are the proud parents of an adorable rescue dog. Though arguably unhealthy, they’re content with their codependent lifestyle. That is until Ren’s romp with a tourist leads to an unplanned pregnancy, abruptly altering the trajectory of their lives—and possibly their friendship—in the process.

4. Ready or Not by Cara Bastone

Eve Hatch isn’t one to stray away from routine or the confines of her comfort zone, especially when it comes to dating. Then, one night, she does — because if not now, then when? She’s young. He’s hot. They’ll be careful. How much harm could come from a fun one-time hookup? Told over the course of Eve’s nine-month journey to motherhood, Ready or Not examines the many different meanings of friends, family, and love.

5. Expiration Dates by Rebecca Serle

What if, with every potential love match you made, you knew its expiration date? Daphne has a very special gift: The universe tells her how long each of her relationships will last, whether it’s a few days, a handful of weeks, or months. It’s been this way for decades, until one man throws Daphne’s expiration radar off track. If you enjoy love stories with a touch of magical realism, Expiration Dates will be your it book of spring.

6. The Breakup Vacation by Anna Garcia

“Do it for the plot” is Grace’s mantra of choice. It isn’t exactly healthy, but it usually makes for a great story. Thus, when her best friends suggest going on a girls’ trip to mend her broken heart, Grace knows exactly where she wants to vacation. While scheming a chance-planned encounter with her ex, Grace meets Daniel, a hot local she’s instantly attracted to. A complicated ex, a swoony local, and two suspicious friends all staying within close proximity… what could possibly go wrong?

7. Here We Go Again by Alison Cochrun

Childhood friends-turned-rivals Logan and Rosemary are the bane of each other’s existence. To make matters worse, they’ve gotten guilt-tripped into a cross-country road trip at the bespeak of their dying mentor. And so, the trio spend their summer break sightseeing America via “the gayest van west of the Mississippi,” whose cozy yet cramped interior may just hold the power to break Logan and Rosemary’s enduring feud.

8. She’s Not Sorry by Mary Kubica

As a nurse, Meghan believes it’s best policy not to get emotionally entangled in your patients’ personal lives. It’s advice Meghan has always followed — until being assigned to a traumatic brain injury patient who has been rushed to the hospital after a near-fatal jump (or was it a push?). As Meghan gets to know Caitlin and her family, she can’t help but wonder what really happened that night.

9. How to End a Love Story by Yulin Kuang

In her debut novel, high school classmates-turned-strangers Helen Zhang and Grant Shepard reconnect as writers on a TV show following 13 years of silence. The opportunity is huge for Helen as it’s not only her first time in a writer’s room, but the project is an adaptation of her own YA book series. Shepard’s story, however, isn’t as full circle. Kuang explores whether time truly does heal all wounds, and if there’s such a thing as second chances with love.

Fun fact: Kuang is the screenwriter for Emily Henry’s People We Meet on Vacation and is both writing and directing the adaptation of Beach Read.

10. Go Lightly by Brydie Lee-Kennedy

A sultry and comedically sharp bisexual love story, Go Lightly centers around a 26-year-old Australian cabaret performer living in London. Ada has always been one to go with the flow and explore every given opportunity, no matter how ridiculous or out of the box it may seem. So, when dating leads her to both Sadie and Stuart simultaneously, she decides to pursue them both. As Ada becomes acquainted with the inner workings of adulthood, life rapidly unfolds. When Sadie and Stuart learn of each other, Ada finds herself in her biggest, most complicated love triangle (and tailspin) yet.

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