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11 ‘Star Wars’-Themed Foods & Drinks To Make For Your May The 4th Party

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you know “May the 4th” is a big deal. What started as a play on Obi-Wan Kenobi’s iconic line (“May the Force be with you”) has turned into a full-blown holiday for the fandom: Star Wars Day. Each year, on May 4, lovers of the mythic franchise celebrate all things Jedi by watching Star Wars movies and shows, trading Star Wars memes, and, of course, making ~all~ the themed food and drinks.

Your eyes don’t deceive you; this Star Wars recipe roundup features everything from milkshakes with buns that honor Princess Leia to lightsabers your kids can eat, and even lava bread fit for a Mustafarian. Many of the recipes are simple enough for you to let your tiny stormtrooper take the lead.

So, whether you’re just hanging out with your family on Star Wars Day or throwing an official “May the 4th” party, these foods and drinks will surely make your galactic get-together a success.

1. Blue Milk

Even if you don’t plan on being deep in droid discussions, you won’t want to miss out on this blue milk that we first see Luke Skywalker sip in A New Hope. TikToker Monica Stevens Le gives the blue drink a punch with a hint of ground ginger and lemon zest.

2. Princess Leia Milkshake

If you like big buns and you cannot lie, you’ll love this Princess Leia vanilla milkshake. Blaynesadventures whipped up a gluten-free version, but you can use your favorite cinnamon rolls to complete the hairstyle (er, shake). Hidden skewers keep the buns balanced atop the cup.

3. Star Wars Margaritas

These Star Wars-themed margaritas are the perfect excuse to start sipping those Cinco de Mayo cocktails a day early. In this easy-to-follow video, Modern Makes shows you how to create margaritas that Yoda, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker would find hard to resist.

4. Lightsaber Pretzels

While you won’t be able to blast through doors or defeat your enemies with these lightsabers, you can use them to escape your kids for two seconds while they’re busy playing with (and then devouring) these chocolate- and sprinkle-coated pretzel rods by Dip’d n Drip’d.

5. Stormtrooper Cupcakes

It doesn’t get easier than these stormtrooper cupcakes. Pick up a box of your go-to cake mix, a can of frosting, and a bag of marshmallows, and you’re all set. Baking Thursdays uses a paintbrush and food coloring to create the stormtrooper masks, but your best bet is to use a fine-tip edible marker to make things even easier.

6. Chewbacca Oatmeal Cookies

These chewy (literally) Chewbacca oatmeal cookies are a healthy treat, but no need to tell your little Jedi. While maple syrup gives them a toffee taste in this recipe, you can use the sweetener of your choice — they’ll still come out as delicious and adorable as Itsjessicamcdonald’s version.

7. Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs

Just when you thought deviled eggs couldn’t get any more popular, Monica Delmonico, maker and baker of geeky things, went and made them look like Grogu. Avocado gives them their signature Baby Yoda hue while adding big flavor.

8. Mustafarian Lava Buns

These lava buns would make any Mustafarian feel right at home. Journeythroughcookbooks added a crackly topping, giving them a charred look and crunchy texture. Eat them warm right out of the oven, or slice them in half and use them as burger buns.

9. Mini T.I.E. Fighter Pastries

Journeythroughcookbooks comes through again on the Star Wars eats front with these pigs in a blanket, T.I.E. Fighter style. Mini smoked sausages get wrapped in ready-made biscuit dough cut to look like the galactic aircraft. It’s so easy to make that the kids can do it!

10. Stormtrooper Onigiri

After getting a look at these Star Wars-themed onigiri by Feedmeimei, it’s clear that Japanese rice balls and stormtroopers are a match meant to be. These tuna-stuffed balls are creamy with a kick of Sriracha spice and make for the perfect finger food.

11. Ronto Wraps

Although hard to tell at first glance, these wraps are inspired by the gigantic lizard-like herbivores that live in the desert world of Tatooine. Disney fan Bibbidibobbidibestie uses smoked sausage, pre-made coleslaw, and garlic naan bread to create a way cheaper but just-as-tasty version as the ones you’ll find at Galaxy’s Edge.

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