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13 Best Training Potty Chairs and Seats of 2023

Itching to get your kiddo out of diapers and onto the potty? All you need is a game plan, some patience and the right gear. But before you offer rewards and praise, you’ll want to find the right training potty for your little learner. A potty chair or seat will be key to your child’s comfort, confidence and ultimate success. Below, everything you need to know to make the right purchase, plus our picks of the best training potty options to suit your child’s needs.

Training Potty Chairs vs. Potty Training Seats

“The potty training journey is different and unique for every child,” says Mona Amin, MD, a pediatrician and podcaster based in Miami, Florida. There’s no definitive age to start using a potty chair or a training seat. Rather, Amin suggests keeping an eye out for signs that your little one may be ready; this includes physical and cognitive cues, motor skills, language and communication.

That said, if your child is under 3, your training potty of choice will most likely be a potty chair. The toddler-sized toilet sits on the floor, making it super-easy for your little one to access it independently. Most will have an inner basin with a splash guard that can easily be removed and emptied. Of course, the downside here is that you have to clean out said basin after each use.

That icky step is avoided when you opt for a potty training seat, as this option sits directly on top of your toilet. The drawback? The littlest of potty-trainers will often need a step stool to get onto the potty seat trainer. It’s no surprise then, that many parents wind up with both—starting their journey with a potty chair when their toddler is very young, and then graduating to an on-the-toilet potty training seat as they grow bigger. “Ultimately, when deciding between a potty training chair or seat, it comes down to what works best for you and your child,” says Amin.

What To Look For In a Training Potty Chair or Seat

Not sure where to start when it comes to picking out the best potty chair or training seat for your tot? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Below, find features to look for, plus expert-backed tips to streamline your decision-making process:

  • Accessibility. When using a potty chair, be sure your child can confidently sit down and get up from the seat by themselves. Portable options can be placed wherever is most convenient for your tot—some little ones may even like to keep theirs in the living room or playroom for easy access when nature calls, says Amin. On the other hand, if your toddler is using a potty training seat, Amin advises parents to provide a stool or steps for them. “This is key for safety and comfort to stabilize their feet and bring their knees up,” she adds.
  • Sturdiness. The best potty chairs are those that have rubber bases to prevent slipping during use, says Amin. Look for a potty training chair or seat that has an anti-slip stand to keep your kiddo secure.
  • Comfort. If your child doesn’t like sitting on their training potty, consider opting for a model that has armrests and a high back, recommends Amin. These elements make the seat more comfortable for your little one, encouraging them to stay on the toilet until they’re finished with their business. Ergonomic designs that are contoured also offer comfy, secure solutions.
  • Size. Another aspect to consider is size. While some tots find the small design of potty chairs less intimidating, others may prefer a potty training seat because they want to be like a grown-up, adds Amin. All in all, the best training potty for your little learner varies based on their unique needs and preferences.
  • Easy-to-clean features. Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that the potty chair or training seat you choose is easy to clean. Amin recommends picking an option with a smooth plastic surface. Likewise, a splash guard is an important feature to prevent spills and messes.

Best Training Potty Chairs To Shop

Before you make a beeline for the toddler potty aisle, browse our top picks of training options. From sleek modern training potties to multi-use potty chairs, our round-up will please even the pickiest of tots.

Overall best potty chair

BabyBjorn Potty Chair

Image: BabyBjörn

The BabyBjorn training potty is a classic (and a Best of Baby winner!) for a reason: The decidedly unfussy and ergonomic design (complete with a splash guard) comes in several modern colors and parks pretty seamlessly in most bathrooms. Kids will appreciate the comfortable high back and armrests—and because it’s simple to clean and super-durable, it can easily be passed down from sibling to sibling.

  • High, supportive backrest and armrests
  • Features a splash guard and a sturdy rubber base
  • Modern design in multiple color options that blend into your bathroom’s aesthetic
  • The basin doesn’t lock into the chair, making it easy for little hands to take it out

Best modern potty chair

BEABA Training Potty Chair

Image: Pottery Barn Kids

Potty training chairs aren’t the most attractive baby gear items, but they don’t have to be an eyesore either. Take this modern design, for instance. It comes in several earth tones, and—thanks to an ergonomic shape—has a sleek aesthetic that will keep your little one comfy and supported. Better yet, the potty chair is portable, easy to keep clean and has a non-slip base.

  • Contoured, ergonomic design for comfort
  • Has a carry handle for easy portability
  • Non-slip base
  • Doesn’t have a high back or armrests

Best adjustable potty chair

Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Potty Chair

Image: Walmart

This Fisher-Price potty chair will grow with your child, allowing you to adjust the seat to two heights. For optimal comfort, this potty training chair sports a high back, plus handles to help little ones get up and down independently while building their confidence.

  • Adjustable design with two height settings
  • High back and handles for comfort
  • The splash guard has a flat surface (rather than being hollowed out)

Best multi-use potty chair

Summer 3-in-1 Train with Me Potty Seat Topper and Stepstool

Image: Amazon

This 3-in-1 training potty will by your kiddo’s side from their first days of training until they’re able to use a normal-sized toilet like a pro. It can be used as a portable potty chair and a potty training seat that fits on the toilet—then, when your kiddo is finished training, it converts into a helpful step stool. Throughout every stage, you can count on it not to slip, thanks to its rubber feet. What’s more, the easy-to-clean basin is detachable and features a splash guard to reduce the chance of spills.

  • Multipurpose design works for all stages of potty training
  • Features non-slip rubber feet and a slash guard
  • Some reviewers say that it can leak

Best realistic potty chair

Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet

Image: Amazon

“Something to consider with a potty chair is that you’ll eventually have to help transition your child to using a full-size toilet,” reminds Amin. This potty-training toilet will make the transition to the real deal much smoother. The reason? This toddler potty looks like a miniature version of the porcelain kind grown-ups use, complete with a handle that makes a flushing sound when pressed down. We love the built-in wipes compartment (genius!) and the integrated splash guard to keep things neat.

  • Realistic design and flushing sound prepare tots for using the real deal
  • Built-in wipe dispenser
  • Anti-skid rubber base
  • Some reviewers say it’s smaller than expected
  • Wipe dispenser may be hard for little ones to reach while seated

Best odor-eliminating potty chair

Munchkin Arm & Hammer Multi-Stage 3-in-1 Potty Seat

Image: Target

Potty training toilets have to be durable enough to deal with some messy business, but not all of them protect against the not-so-pleasant scents that come with potty training. That’s why we’re so impressed with this odor-eliminating potty chair. Its lid contains a baking soda deodorizing disc for safe, effective smell control—plus, the removable bowls allow for straightforward cleaning. Better yet, this triple-threat design can also be used as a potty training seat and a step stool.

  • The 3-in-1 design works for all stages of potty training
  • Comes with an odor-eliminating baking soda disc
  • Some reviewers say the splash guard is lower than anticipated

Best fun potty training chair

The First Years Disney Minnie Mouse Potty and Trainer Seat

Image: Amazon

This Minnie Mouse-themed potty training toilet has thousands of five-star reviews, and it’s easy to see why. The sweet design features the cartoon character’s iconic ears and plays flushing and cheering sounds to encourage and celebrate your child after they’ve successfully finished their business. Another cute detail: It comes with stickers and a reward chart to help your kiddo track their progress and customize their training potty. If your tot isn’t a fan of Minnie, opt for the Mickey Mouse version.

  • Plays a realistic flushing sound and encouraging cheers
  • Comes with stickers and a reward chart
  • Reviewers say their kids can easily remove the chair’s ears

Best Potty Training Seats To Shop

Is your little one ready to graduate to a potty training seat? Below, find a variety of standout designs, from contoured, cushioned options to the best potty training seat for travel and everything in between.

Overall best potty training seat

Jool Baby Potty Training Seat

Image: Amazon

Our pick for the best potty training seat is this simple option from Jool Baby. The parent-approved pick has thousands of five-star reviews praising its effectiveness. It securely fits on most standard toilets and has a splash guard to prevent spills and leaks. The lightweight design can be easily secured and removed by little ones independently, boosting their confidence when it comes to using a big-kid toilet. When it’s not being used, just place it back on the hook provided.

  • Comes with a hook for simple storage
  • Made with non-slip materials
  • Lightweight design
  • Reviewers say it fits best on oval-shaped toilets
  • It doesn’t have handles

Best cushioned potty training seat

Angelbliss Baby Potty Training Toilet Seat

Image: Amazon

With its squishy anti-slip foam, this pick will convert any cold porcelain toilet into a cozy spot to sit and take a tinkle. While many potty training seats lie relatively flat, this ergonomic option has a contoured back and handles to keep kids feeling comfy and secure. When your kiddo is finished, use the self-contained hook to hang it in your bathroom.

  • Ergonomic design with a high back and handles
  • Self-contained hook for simple storage
  • Not as sleek and slim as other potty training seats

Best minimalist potty training seat

BabyBjorn Toilet Training Seat

Image: Amazon

Searching for a minimalist potty seat trainer? Look no further than this option from BabyBjorn. Its simple design features smooth white plastic and colorful rubber edging to keep the training seat securely in place while in use. Underneath, you’ll find an adjustable dial to ensure this potty seat trainer seamlessly fits your toilet. This lightweight option is also easy enough for your kiddo to put on and remove by themselves.

  • Convenient dial adjusts seat to fit your toilet
  • Lightweight design for easy portability
  • Modern aesthetic
  • Doesn’t have handles
  • Some reviewers say the splash guard is lower than expected

Best 2-in-1 potty training seat

Little2Big Toilet Seat with Built-In Potty Training Seat

Image: Amazon

Short on space? This potty seat trainer has you covered. Consider replacing your regular toilet seat and lid with this option, which features both an adult-size seat and one that’s specially sized for kids. Simply flip down whichever one you need when you’re ready to go.

  • The 2-in-1 design works for toddlers and adults
  • Space-saving solution
  • May not fit all toilet seat sizes and shapes

Best affordable potty training seat

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

Image: Target

Teaching your little one how to use the bathroom like a big kid may take a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money—especially when choosing this affordable potty training toilet seat. The contoured design features handles to keep your child secure and comfy as they go. You can also count on this option not to budge, thanks to non-skid edges.

  • Has handles and a contoured seat for added security
  • Sturdy non-skid edge
  • Affordable price point
  • May not fit all toilet seats

Best potty training seat for travel

Jool Baby Folding Travel Potty Seat

Image: Target

Last up on our list of the best potty training seats is this travel-friendly option. The versatile design fits most standard toilets at home and in public, so your child can confidently go whenever (and wherever) they need to. When they’re all done, fold it up in seconds, pop it into the accompanying travel bag and continue with your outing. Whether you’re running errands, going to Grandma’s house or traveling, this handy potty training seat will have you covered.

  • Base features eight suction cups for sturdiness
  • Compact, foldable design
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Suction cups may weaken over time

Mona Amin, MD, is a board-certified pediatrician based in Florida. She’s also the host of the PedsDocTalk podcast. She received her medical degree from ATSU School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona, and completed her pediatric residency at the Bernard and Millie Duker Children’s Hospital in Albany, New York.

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