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15 Dog Names Inspired By Taylor Swift That Would Be Cute In Any *Era*

Swifties with doggies, this one’s for you! Our gal Taylor has been hard at work — from bringing down the house nightly on her Eras Tour to making her way through rerecording her albums (to gain full ownership of all her creations after her old catalog was sold to music manager Scooter Braun), this woman is an inspiration that any dog would be proud to have as their namesake.

While this Grammy record-breaking nominee (she now has more nominations for “Song of the Year” than any other artist in history) herself is a self-proclaimed cat person, she still has dogs of her own: two mini Doberman Pinschers named Bug and Baby. If you’ve got your own Bug and Baby in need of some names, look no further than these dog names for inspiration.

1. Kelce

Of course, we’re 100% here for Swift’s newest (and hopefully last) love story with Kansas City Chiefs’ Travis Kelce. There hasn’t been a romance since Jack and Kate that has gotten us so emotionally involved, so how could we not honor Swift’s beau and offer up this surname as first on the list? Kelce is of British origins and means “fierce,” perfect for those pups who head into the dog park ready to rumble!

2. Phoenix

The rumor mills are abuzz as to whether Swift’s new song from the vault, You’re Losing Me, is about her relationship with ex Joe Alwyn. In the song, she describes herself as a “phoenix,” “always risin’ from the ashes,” so we think this name is perfect for that shelter dog who is getting his second (or third, or fourth) chance to begin anew.

3. Karma

“‘Cause karma is my boyfriend, Karma is a god,”… Karma is my dog? Sounds good to us. This song from Swift’s Midnight album is one of her well-known hits, and the song has already inspired the name of one particular pet: SVU actress Mariska Hargitay’s cat (and Tay is a huge SVU fan, so she was thrilled by this).

4. Willow

As Swift once explained about this song from Evermore, it’s about someone dreaming up the person they want and desire. If getting a dog has been on your wish list and it’s finally happened, this works! The sweet name also means “freedom,” so give it to the pup who likes to do their own thing.

5. Hummus

There’s something very cute about dogs with food names, and we’re picking this one because, in an interview with Vogue, Swift told them she always needed to have hummus in her refrigerator at all times. Hummus (not only a delicious spread!) makes for a great name for both genders.

6. Rebel

For that pup that is stubborn as hell (we’re looking at your Siberian Huskies), the name Rebel will suit their personality. It’s pulled from Swift’s lyrics from her song Mine, “You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter,” which speaks to letting her guard down with a crush.

7. Sparks

You’ve probably heard the name Sparkie as a cliche dog name, right? But shorten it to Sparks, inspired by the song “Sparks Fly,” and you’ve got an adorable name for that pup that always brings excitement to your life.

8. Nashville

Pay homage to the city where Swift’s career began by naming your dog Nashville. This special town is also the place where she purchased her first piece of real estate — a penthouse right next to Nashville’s Music Row. Bonus: Nash is a loveable nickname.

9. Betty

So many iconic figures in history carry this name, but we’re referring to the subject matter of Taylor Swift’s song from Folklore. Taylor gives a nod to her famous friends Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, as Betty is their third daughter’s name. One meaning of the name is to be “overly attentive,” which fits well for that dog that follows you wherever you go.

10. August

This song is tied to Betty as part of her trilogy story (it also includes the song Cardigan) in Folklore, which is about a love triangle and an affair. And, well, the title is also an ideal dog name. The name itself continues to rise in popularity amongst babies, and for many of us, a dog is one and the same. Even better, it comes with the option of two cute nicknames: Gus or Auggie.

11. Shakes

This song from 1989 came out almost 10 years ago, yet it somehow still gets stuck in our heads! The catchy tune has inspired this dog name for the pup that loves to get wet… and then shake it off!

12. Mastermind

While Taylor’s songs take us on a narrative journey of her complicated love life, she takes the reins in this song and is the “mastermind” orchestrating the relationship she sings of (many assume it’s about her ex, Joe Alwyn). We like this name for a strong-headed, highly intelligent dog, like a border collie or poodle.

13. Darling

One of her lesser-known songs from Speak Now, Never Grow Up, was written for Taylor’s godson (any mother listening, prepare to cry). The heartwarming song makes you just want to squeeze your pooch and hold them tight. The chorus goes, “Oh darling, don’t you ever grow up…” and continues about how she’ll protect and love her little darling, just as we’ll do for our four-legged ones.

14. Trouble

Let’s just call this dog what he is! For the pup who digs holes in the yard, eats food off the table, and barks his head off, this name says it all. Like Taylor, you knew they were trouble — but you couldn’t resist.

15. Ghost

This name works for that dog who does its own thing, maybe even ghosts you (like some Bernedoodles who would rather lie in another room than snuggle with you on the couch). This name is inspired by Haunted, a song Taylor has said was about someone ghosting her.

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