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25 Mind Blowing Facts About Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to “25 Mind-Blowing Facts About Artificial Intelligence”! Learn how AI can read brainwaves and even brew beer!

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Nerds! Welcome to our video on “25 Mind-Blowing Facts About Artificial Intelligence”! Prepare to have your mind blown as we dive into the fascinating world of AI. From AI girlfriends that might be collecting your data to brainwave-reading technology and even AI-powered textbooks, this video covers it all. Discover how AI is helping doctors diagnose diseases, explore space, and even make beer! Join us as we explore these incredible advancements and more in the ever-evolving field of artificial intelligence.

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Author: Steve Palace
Music: The machines Dream -South London HiFi

0:00 – Intro
0:13 – AI girlfriend’s trouble
0:40 – It can read brainwaves
0:55 – There are around 50 serial killers on the loose in the US right now!
1:03 – It’s older than you think
1:27 – AI helps doctors
1:48 – Energy consumption
2:08 – Natural disasters
2:29 – It’s helping us explore space
2:54 – Most businesses use it
3:17 – George Carlin controversy
3:54 – Avoiding a Skynet situation
4:21 – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Deep Fake
4:52 – AI-powered textbooks
5:20 – AI mentors
5:43 – Gamifying cyber security
6:15 – It didn’t recognize a traffic light
6:46 – Seinfeld AI
7:18 – AI can smell
7:44 – Half the USA uses a voice assistant
8:46 – They made a whole movie with AI
9:20 – 100 million AI jobs
9:45 – It can steal your voice, but there’s a fix!
10:17 – Brain surgery with AI
10:50 – Google Assistant argument
11:08 – AI beer
11:29 – It’s politically incorrect


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