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29 ways to stay healthy all summer long

29 ways to stay healthy all summer long

If you’re heading out for a picnic with a potato or pasta salad, try cooking then cooling your carbohydrates first. “This increases the resistance starch, which means you don’t get such a big glucose spike. Resistant starch acts like fibre and it’s great for feeding the friendly bacteria in your gut,” says nutritional therapist Madeleine Shaw.

17. Facial spritz

Use a mineral water mist with hyaluronic acid. “Mineral water mists hydrate the skin without disrupting your makeup or SPF,” says Dr Mahsa Saleki, an aesthetic doctor and founder of SAS Aesthetics.

“Adding hyaluronic acid to the mist enhances its hydrating properties, as hyaluronic acid helps attract and retain moisture in the skin.” Throughout the flight, spritz your face with a mineral water mist containing hyaluronic acid every couple of hours. “This will keep your skin hydrated and refreshed.”

18. Pace yourself

If you have back-to-back barbecues and summer parties, slowing down your alcohol intake will stop you from over doing it. “It takes roughly one hour for you to process one unit (10ml/8g) of alcohol,” explains Prof Nutt. “Drink slowly and you will have a chance to process the alcohol, which means your blood alcohol peak won’t be as high, which has been shown to give less of a hangover.” 

19. Clear out the clutter

We’ve just had the summer solstice and reached the midway point of the year so it’s perfect timing to reflect, analyse, set goals and take action. “Pick an area of your living space and bring order to the clutter and chaos,” says Asha Chong, a five element acupuncturist.

Donate to charity, allowing room for the new to arrive and take its place.

“In the same way, take time to dust off the cobwebs in the mind: Old thoughts, old beliefs, old grudges. Give your thinking a polish.”

What would you like to realise? “Devise a plan and find ways to make those hopes and dreams come into fruition.” 

20. Play with SPF 

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