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30 Best Gifts for New Moms, According to Parents

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Becoming a parent is a major milestone—and it should be properly celebrated. Moms constantly give to the loved ones in their lives, whether it’s their affection, attention, devotion, wisdom or time, and they deserve gifts in return. Of course, you can always give a first-time mama an adorable onesie or gear she needs for baby. (Baby’s arrival is incredibly exciting, so it’s no wonder so many gift ideas for new moms include sweet items for baby!) But the best gifts for new moms are ones that are specifically for her, as she navigates this new chapter in life.

Whether it’s a food gift to nourish her body, self-care goodies to encourage postpartum recovery or even a piece of jewelry to jazz up her off-duty look, good gifts for new moms should be bought with her needs in mind. And for the record, gifts for new moms shouldn’t be rolled out just once a year for Mother’s Day. These awesome gift ideas can be presented to her at the hospital after baby’s birth, given as a birthday gift or offered up when she needs a little pick me up.

Ready to start shopping, but not sure where to start? We’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up awesome gifts for new moms, recommended by real parents.

How We Chose The Best Gifts for New Moms

If a lady in your life has recently become a mother for the first time, chances are she’s feeling pretty overwhelmed. The best way to support a new mom is to cook her a meal, help out around the house or simply lend her a listening ear. But if you’d also like to give her a tangible gift, we’re here to help. Our goal is to do the bulk of research for you, so you don’t have to spend hours scrolling through online retailers. Here are the steps we took to create this article:

  • We spoke with The Bump editors and other team members with young children and asked them to tell us about the gifts they actually want. From postpartum essentials and jewelry to the stuff money can’t buy (think: an extra hour in bed followed by a chore-free day), they told us about memorable gifts they received as new moms.

  • We considered a list of criteria when sourcing gifts for new moms, including quality, price, practicality and style.

  • To see what gifts new moms actually want, we conducted exhaustive market research, scouring forums and message boards and reading user reviews to find out which items performed well for new parents.

Editorial integrity is at the heart of everything we publish. Read about how The Bump develops and reviews all articles, including product reviews.

Floral bouquet

UrbanStems Arrangement

Image: Urban Stems

Flowers are always appreciated, but they’re a particularly good gift to congratulate a new parent. “I’d swoon over a beautiful bouquet from UrbanStems,” says Ashlee Neuman, mom of two and content director for The Bump. Send them to the hospital after she gives birth or hand-deliver a bouquet to her home. Bonus: Get 15 percent off plants, dried and fresh arrangements with code THEBUMP15.

“Flowers are a classic gift for a reason.” – Ashlee N., mom of two and content director for The Bump

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Lactation bars

Bobo's Lactation Oat Bars for Breastfeeding Moms

Image: Amazon

One thing all seasoned moms agree on? Food is the number one gift for new moms. While a home cooked meal is nice, grab and go snacks will also be appreciated. As rebecca1198, a member of The Bump forum points out: “She’ll probably have lots of hot meals prepared for her by others, but muffins or scones, fruit salad—things she can eat quickly with one hand—are priceless.” And you can’t go wrong with these fresh-baked lactation bars by Bobo’s. Created to support breastfeeding moms, each granola bar is made from whole grain oats and other organic ingredients. Send her a variety pack alongside a nice card, for a thoughtful yet affordable new mom gift.

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Sleep mask

NIDRA The Deep Rest Mask

Image: Amazon

One piece of advice that’s often doled out to new moms is to sleep when the baby sleeps. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. Daniela McInerney, mom of two and associate director of video and photo production at The Knot Worldwide agrees and told us that “anything that will help me get some quality shut-eye is a must-have.” So it’s no surprise that McInerney’s top new mom gifts include this blackout sleep mask. “While not the most glamorous-looking thing, these eye masks have been a saving grace and I’m due for an upgrade.” Lightweight and breathable, it has a flexible strap and molded cups that curve away from your eyes, so you can blink freely as you drift off for an afternoon nap.

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Espresso maker

Espresso maker

Image: Grosche

Alongside edible treats, anything caffeinated will go down well with new moms. “My sister brought me coffee everyday and it was so awesome,” says Mittens14, The Bump forum member. Jenna Bruno, associate director of revenue operations at The Knot Worldwide told us that “after a long traveling hiatus, I’d love to recreate the Italian experience at home.” With this in mind, she has this stylish Milano 3-Cup stovetop espresso maker on her Mother’s Day wish list alongside some other Mediterranean-inspired goodies. It brews three cups of authentic espresso and the pot can even be personalized with a name or phrase.

“I had such an aversion to [coffee] while pregnant but as soon as baby was born that’s all I wanted.” – Mittens14, The Bump forum member

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Fluffy robe

Stars Above Women's Cozy Chenille Robe

Image: Target

The best gifts for new moms prioritize comfort. The Bump forum member, dollface777 says “my favorite /[gift] was a big huge fluffy robe that my mom brought me. Didn’t touch my c-section scar and it was so huge that I felt more modest in it than the skimpy hospital gown. Nice to nurse in too.” While she didn’t mention which brand her mom bought her, we think this cozy, chenille robe fits the brief. Pegged as a dupe for more expensive brands like Barefoot Dreams, this calf-length robe offers ample coverage, has deep side pockets and is super-soft to boot. Pro tip: Reviewers recommend sizing up for a fully immersive snuggle experience.

“I wore [my robe] nonstop for about two months!” – dollface777, The Bump forum member

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Food subscription

HelloFresh Gift Card

Image: HelloFresh

Between caring for baby and catching up on sleep, new parents don’t have time to whip up gourmet dinners—which is why the best gifts for new moms involve making sure she gets fed. When you can’t drop off a home-cooked dish yourself, a gift card to HelloFresh is the next best thing. Simply pick the dollar amount, and the meal delivery service will bring a mouthwatering meal straight to their door.

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Luxury lipstick

Chanel Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour

Image: Nordstrom

Shopping for a glamorous mama? Treat her to her favorite lipstick. If you’re not sure what she usually wears Lauren Kay, mom of two and executive editor of The Knot Mag and The Bump recommends this red lippy: “I absolutely love the Chanel ultra hydrating lip color in shade rouge coco.” The long-lasting formula is enriched with mimosa, jojoba and sunflower wax for all day hydration. Simply gorgeous.

“[I was] so eager to get out more and start wearing lipstick again.” – Lauren Kay, mom of two and executive editor of The Knot Mag and The Bump

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Bath salts

Bare Mum Sitz Bath Salts Organic Formula

Image: The Memo

Postpartum recovery can be difficult, so any gift that aids the process will be much appreciated. The Bump forum member, ifwisheswerefishes suggests adding “bath salts or something bath-related” to a postpartum care package. “I’ve heard that it’s taking a long bath that makes you feel human again, according to my OB and various other mommy friends,” she continues. Made from a soothing combination of epsom salts, coconut milk and natural herbs, these bath salts can be used in a sitz bath or in a regular tub and help relieve swelling, pain and irritation.

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Nipple cream

Honest Calm Your Nip Balm

Image: Honest

Another wonderful product that you can give on its own or add to a hamper of new mom gifts, is this nipple balm by Honest. According to Ziegeficker, The Bump forum member, “anything for sore nipples” will be welcomed. We like this cream that recently won a Best of The Bump award as it’s enriched with coconut oil and shea butter and pulls double-duty as a lip balm.

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Nursing nightie

Lake Pajamas Pima Maternity Nightgown in Garden Vines

Image: Lake Pajamas

Comfy pajamas and loungewear make awesome gifts for new moms. The Bump forum member, mamaofthesea bought her friend some comfortable nightwear in a larger size that would fit over her postpartum belly and “chose a nightgown that would be easy to move aside for nursing.” It may seem like a small gesture but as she explains, “those are the things that make you feel human again after going through childbirth, but not all women prioritize getting themselves something like that.” Of course, there are tons of brands to choose from but Lauren Kay says that “PJs from Lake Pajamas are always at the top of my list—so soft and lounge-worthy.”

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Four-step makeup set

Bare Minerals The Original Get Started Kit 4-Piece Mineral Makeup Set

Image: Ulta Beauty

Makeup may not be a go-to gift for new moms, but it’s certainly a fun one. “My sister got me a cute little new mom Bare Minerals kit that I’m loving since it has mascara, blush, brightener and gloss,” says ninjafarmerswife. Bonus: Bare Minerals is a great brand for sensitive or acne-prone skin, as its dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and hypoallergenic.

“When I do leave the house I can get ‘pretty’ in about two minutes.” – ninjafarmerswife, The Bump forum member

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Reusable mug

YETI Rambler Mug with Straw Lid

Image: YETI

Makeup may not be a go-to gift for new moms, but it’s certainly a fun one. “My sister got me a cute little new mom Bare Minerals kit that I’m loving since it has mascara, blush, brightener and gloss,” says ninjafarmerswife. Bonus: Bare Minerals is a great brand for sensitive or acne-prone skin, as its dermatologist-tested, non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and hypoallergenic.

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Stretchy leggings

The Ultra Soft Before, During And After Legging

Image: HATCH Collection

The Bump forum member, tna112, says “my aunt brought me some really soft and stretchy yoga pants that were great!” This pair of postpartum leggings can actually be worn during pregnancy too, making them perfect for those early days of motherhood when her stomach may still be swollen.

“Legit might be the comfiest piece of clothing I’ve ever owned.” – Morgan Gibson Kanner, former director of digital content at The Knot Worldwide

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Nursing cover

We Are Amma The Cocoon

Image: We Are Amma

Searching for great gifts for new moms who are breastfeeding? Natalie Gontcharova, mom of one and senior lifecycle editor at The Bump absolutely loved this nursing cover. The knitted cover-up can be worn as a poncho, draped overhead like a scarf or used as a blanket. “Baby can see out but no one can see in,” says Gontcharova.

“I loved how breathable it was” – Natalie G., mom of one and senior editor at The Bump

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Edible arrangement

Edible Sweet Baby Bouquet

Image: Edible Arrangements

Plenty of parents told us that an edible arrangement was one of the best new mom gifts that they received. This beautifully presented platter is packed with fresh fruit like juicy pineapple, zesty orange slices, fresh strawberries and plump grapes. Yummy!

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Diaper fanny pack

Kibou Vegan Leather Bag

Image: Kibou

Introducing the best gift for new moms that refuse to use a traditional diaper bag. Designed for folks that like to travel light, the Kibou looks just like a regular fanny pack worn at the waist or as a crossbody bag. But inside, there’s plenty of slots for all of Mom and baby’s essentials, including a waterproof pocket for wipes, a slot for cards and cash, a key or pacifier clip and a detachable changing pad that unfolds from the back flap. Wow!

“I’m a maximalist at heart. But sometimes you have to pare it down. The Kibou helps me do just that for outings where I can’t lug around a massive diaper bag. It’s sleek and slim and stylish, and I don’t have to sacrifice any of the essentials. You’d never know this cutie was hiding a changing pad!” – Lauren B., mom of three and associate director of lifecycle content at The Bump

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Kangaroo care top

Seraphine Cotton 3/4 Sleeve Skin to Skin Top

Image: Seraphine

Those early days with baby are chock-full of snuggles. Pave the way for that bonding time with this skin-to-skin shirt from Seraphine. The snug wrap not only allows for kangaroo care, which offers loads of proven benefits, but also frees up Mom’s hands when she’s sitting. And gifts for new moms that let her read a book or scroll on her phone while lounging with baby are always winners.

“Seraphine is one of my absolute favorite maternity brands. I wore a lot of the pieces beyond pregnancy, as they were cleverly designed to be pregnancy- and nursing-friendly without relying on ruching—meaning I didn’t have to be sporting a bump to have the clothes fit well.” – Ashlee N., mom of two and content director for The Bump

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Coin pendant

Jane Win STRONG JW Original Pendant Coin

Image: Jane Win

A piece of jewelry is a great way to commemorate the birth of a new baby. Lauren Kay is a fan of Jane Win’s necklaces: “The Strong pendant coin really speaks to me after a wild year, a good reminder of a mother’s resilience.”

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UV sanitizer

PhoneSoap 3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer

Image: PhoneSoap

Germs are an inevitable part of parenthood, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up the good fight against bugs and bacteria. Introducing PhoneSoap, the UV phone sanitizer that kills 99.99 percent of germs. It doubles as a charger and fits all smartphones. This ingenious device is one of the best gifts for new moms available now.

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Luxe skincare set

Tubby Todd Bath Co Mama + Baby Gift Set

Image: Tubby Todd

Here’s a skincare set put together specifically with new families in mind. It includes an organic nipple balm and belly oil for moms plus a body wash and cream for baby, each formulated with natural ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin.

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Initial ring

Tiary Open Letters Pave Ring

Image: Tiary

Willing to splash some cash? Personalized jewelry is equal parts thoughtful and luxurious. “I wouldn’t say no to this sentimental (and stunning) pave diamond ring with my girls’ initials,” says Ashlee Neuman.

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Fourth trimester gift set

HATCH Collection The 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle

Image: HATCH Collection

Morgan Gibson Kanner says her wishlist is filled with “literally anything and everything from HATCH.” The 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle includes essential items—a soft robe, coordinated joggers, a sleep bra and a soothing balm that can be used on chapped lips or nipples—that’ll see her through the early days with a newborn.

“I love how the brand categorizes its site by trimester and even has maternity necessity bundles, like the Hatch-to-Hospital Box and the 4th Trimester Nesting Bundle.” – Morgan Gibson Kanner, former director of digital content at The Knot Worldwide

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Washable sneakers

Allbirds Women’s Tree Runner

Image: AllBirds

New moms are always on their feet, so comfy yet durable shoes are essential. Allbirds is our go-to brand for pregnancy- and postpartum-friendly footwear. Why? The sneakers are comfortable, effortlessly stylish and sustainable to boot. The Tree Runner style is our current favorite for new moms, thanks to the cushioned insole and breathable material made from eucalyptus tree fibers. And did we mention that they’re machine-washable too?

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Shearling slippers

UGG Coquette Shearling Mule Slipper

Image: Nordstrom

Items that are impossibly soft always make for the best gifts for new moms. You can’t go wrong, then with these fluffy shearling-lined slippers from UGG. They even have a sturdy rubber sole, so she can wear them for a quick trip outdoors too. These cozy slippers are the comfort Mom needs when she’s slipping into a new season of life. Pro tip: The Chestnut colorway is always selling out, so when you see it back in stock, hit “add to cart” with lightning speed!

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Styling tool

Drybar The Double Shot Round Blow-Dryer Brush

Image: Nordstrom

Uninterrupted shower time is hard to come by after baby, and styling time is a straight-up luxury. So help a new mom out—in a big way—by giving her one of the most useful beauty tools around. Drybar’s multipurpose blowout brush combines the hot air of a blow-dryer with the structure of a round brush, and the result is smooth, shiny hair with tons of volume.

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Mama Necklace

Bychari Mama Necklace

Image: Bychari

Jen Lee, head of marketing for The Bump loves nothing more than adding a new piece of jewelry to her collection. “I’m moved by this delicate Bychari Mama necklace that’s begging to be gifted for a special occasion.” Like the birth of a new baby perhaps?

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Photo printer

HP Sprocket Studio Plus WiFi Printer

Image: Target

This new mom gift lets her print off pictures of her peanut. Simply download the user-friendly HP Sprocket app, connect a smartphone to the WiFi-enabled printer and produce dry-to-the-touch photos in a flash.

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Luxury sheet set

Parachute Sateen Sheet Set

Image: Parachute

Searching for luxury gifts for new moms that aren’t for baby? You can’t go wrong with a set of high-quality sheets from Parachute. Made from 100 percent Egyptian cotton, this bedding is soft, durable and actually gets better with time. Sweet dreams, Mama.

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Digital photo frame

Aura Carver Luxe Digital Picture Frame

Image: Amazon

Although new moms love to capture all of baby’s milestones, it’s unlikely they’ll have time to print and frame every adorable picture. That’s where the Aura Carver Luxe frame comes in handy. This Wi-Fi enabled photo frame allows new parents to upload images directly from their phones. The best part? The frame is shipped in a gift box, plus you can preload photos and invite family members to connect ahead of time, thanks to the Aura app.

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Martina Garvey is an editor at The Bump, where she writes and edits e-commerce content for pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Over an eight-year career in educational publishing and digital media, Martina has developed a keen eye for detail and robust reporting skills. As a staff member on The Bump for over three years, she leverages an in-depth knowledge of must-have baby gear and postpartum essentials alongside a passion for the latest trends to create informative content parents can trust.

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