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50 Genius Things That Save You A Lot Of Money And Are So Freaking Cheap On Amazon

50 Genius Things That Save You A Lot Of Money And Are So Freaking Cheap On Amazon


50 Genius Things That Save You A Lot Of Money And Are So Freaking Cheap On Amazon

50 Genius Things That Save You A Lot Of Money And Are So Freaking Cheap On Amazon


We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

It always feels good to save money, doesn’t it? If you’re in the market for brilliantly helpful products that also happen to be alarmingly affordable, you’re in the right spot. Here you’ll find everything from a convenient battery organizer that’s also tester (so you know if that old AA has enough juice) to a fast-acting rechargeable hand warmer for when you’re regular gloves aren’t cutting it — plus so many other genius things that are worth every penny.

Scroll on for 50 ways to enhance your home life while simultaneously saving money.


This Cordless Light That’s Great For Power Outages

Check out this inventive LED Magic Bulb that comes with a remote and is perfect for power outages. The cordless bulb can be used as a regular light or as a flashlight, it can run up to 12 hours on a full charge, and it has three brightness levels. If you want to have more than one bulb on hand, it also comes in packs of two, four, and eight.


These Best-Selling Satin Pillowcases

This two-pack of best-selling satin pillowcases brings chic style and smooth fabric to your bedding, at a more affordable price point than silk. The OEKO-TEX 100 certified satin is gentle on hair and skin for the most pampering feel. Unlike most silk pillowcases, these can be thrown in the wash inside a mesh bag for easy care.

  • Available colors: 36
  • Available sizes: 5


These Motivating Workout Posters To Skip Gym Fees

This workout poster is perfect for your home gym. You can choose from a wide variety of workouts, including stretching, yoga, dumbell, bodyweight, resistance, kettlebell, stability, and more. They’re a great way to skip expensive gym memberships and start a home workout routine.


These Sneaker Cleaner Sponges For A ‘Like-New’ Look

These sneaker cleaner sponges just need a little bit of water and a gentle scrub to remove dirt, stains, and scuffs from shoes. The sponges are reusable and can be revamped when you add water, but 10 come in a pack, so it’ll be a while before you run out. Your shoes will look like they just got pulled out of the box.


This Essential Battery Organizer & Tester

This battery organizer and tester can hold 93 batteries of various sizes. In addition to holding all the batteries you could ever need, it comes with a battery tester so you can see if the one you need has juice. The organizer can be mounted to a wall for extra convenience or you can place it in a drawer.


This 7-Inch Santoku Knife That Comes With Its Own Sharpener

Whether you’re a professional chef, an amateur, or you’re just trying to get through making dinners for your kids, this Santoku knife set will help you get the chopping done right. The set comes with a 7-inch stainless steel knife and an edge guard cover for safe storage. The best part is that it also includes a dual-stage sharpener so you can keep the blade in mint condition for the long haul. In addition to Santoku knives, the listing offers nine other types of knives for you to outfit your kitchen.


These Multipurpose Plastic Bins For More Efficient Storage

The versatility of this two-pack of plastic storage bins is impressive. The transparent bins can be used to display items in your closet, to store cleaning supplies, or to organize pantry items so you always know what’s on hand. No more trips to the store to buy something you already have but that’s buried somewhere. If you need more than a two-pack, the brand also offers four-, six-, or eight-packs for all your tidying needs.


This Budget Book To Guide Your Financial Planning

If you could use some structure around your financial planning, you might find comfort in knowing that this Legend Planner is here to help. The book features everything you need to budget plan, including an inner pocket for bills and receipts, over 100 stickers, and pages for paying off your debts, saving goals, expenses, and more.


This Lanyard For Your Phone To Keep Your Essentials Secure

Attach this phone lanyard to your cell phone as a way of carrying it hands free. The silicone holder has an adjustable strap made of soft satin polyester. It also features a slot for your credit cards, license, and cash. It’s compatible with most smartphones. One shopper noted, “Works great, doesn’t obstruct the camera as some others do. Easy to adjust length of the [lanyard]. I like the metal ring on the attachment and I can charge my phone without any problem.”


These Unbreakable Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Take this set of two stainless steel wine glasses camping, to a concert in the park, or use them at home. The double-walled, insulated wine glasses will keep your vino perfectly chilled, and they won’t break when they’re dropped. They even come with detachable lids for travel purposes.


These Air Filters That Stick To Any Ceiling Fan

This three-pack of Coconut Carbon fan filters is designed to help purify the air by removing VOCs and particulates. Simply attach them to any ceiling fan blade via the self-adhesive tape for a solution that works but stays out of sight. One shopper raved, “The filters were easy to install on my ceiling fans and I can definitely notice that my air has seemed a lot less dusty! Will definitely be purchasing again.”


This Bathtub Pillow For Neck Support

You should be as comfortable as possible when taking a bath, and this luxe cushion will make you feel like you’re actually at a spa — saving you money from actually going to one. The quick-drying cushion is designed to envelope your head, neck, and shoulders. Six strong suction cups keep the pillow in place, and a hook allows you to hang it to dry.


This Korean Snail Repair Cream With Over 13,200 Five-Star Ratings

Shoppers rave about this Korean snail mucin repair cream, with more than 13,000 giving it a perfect rating to date. Ethically harvested from snails in their natural environment, the cream contains a higher amount of snail mucin filtrate than other similar creams. Ingredients also include vitamin E, vitamin B5, and organic green tea.


This Rechargeable Reading Light That Sits Around Your Neck

This neck reading light allows you to read your book at night without bothering the person sleeping next to you — and since it’s rechargeable with the included USB cable, you’ll never have to buy new batteries. The lights can be angled to shine directly on the spot you want them to. Choose from three color temperature modes and six brightness levels to minimize eye strain.


This Stainless Steel Container To Hold Bacon Grease

With this bacon grease container, you’ll finally have a dedicated place to hold the grease while it’s still hot. The container features a handle, a lid, and a strainer that fits over the top. No need to hand wash this one as it’s fully dishwasher safe.


These Revitalizing Gold Eye Masks

Since a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by, these Golden Glow Eye Masks are a must-have. They are formulated to sooth and refresh the under-eye area — perfect for travel days and early mornings.. The featured box comes with 20 pairs, but if you prefer less or more, the listing also has packs of 15, 30, 50, and 100.


This Pumice Stone Toilet Bowl Cleaner That Gets The Stains Out

If your toilet bowl has stubborn stains, give this effective pumice stone toilet bowl cleaner a try. It’s designed to remove mineral deposits, rust, hard water stains, and more while being gentle on surfaces. The pumice stone features a handle so you can clean without getting dirty, and a case for easy storage.


This Eyelash Curler For Big Lashes Without Paying For Falsies

Lift your lashes in seconds with this stainless steel eyelash curler that creates lift that can last all day. Included in the kit is a satin carry bag and two refill pads. One shopper raved, “With this curler, it immediately- with one curl, boosts my lashes upward and makes them look like falsies! You can easily grip this curler and you can feel that it is really curling the lashes.”


These Car Door Protectors To Prevent Scratches

If your dog tends to scratch at the car door when going for a ride, this vehicle door protector will be a big help. Two protectors are included in the pack — one for each side of the car. The protectors fit tightly and stay secure even with large dogs. And they even help prevent muddy paw prints.


This Laundry Detergent Holder That Promises Less Mess

Save yourself the trouble of having to wipe up soap residue and give this laundry detergent holder a try. The holder is designed to tilt a laundry detergent tub so it’s always ready to dispense soap into a cup, and it comes with a drip tray to catch all those inevitable drips.


This Stain Fighting Spray To Get Food Out Of Your Kids’ Clothes

Babies and toddlers are notoriously messy eaters, and that makes this stain treater spray an essential parenting product. The safe, nontoxic formula quickly and safely removes stains from clothes, furniture, rugs, and more — on both set-in stains and new ones. In addition to a spray bottle, the listing also offers wipes.


This Stainless Steel Coffee Canister For Fresher Beans

Keep your beans fresher for longer with this coffee storage container that features an airtight lid, a date tracker, and a scooper that attaches to the side of the canister for convenience. The stainless steel container is also great for storing tea, sugar, flour, and more.


This Insulating Shrink Window Kit To Help Keep The Cold Out

This shrink window kit is made for keeping the cold air or draft out of your home. The insulating plastic sticks to a window with the use of a hair dryer. Each of the pieces in the three-pack is designed to fit a standard window. You can also purchase a one-pack or a nine-pack.


These Refillable Pens That Make Painting More Precise

Fill these touch-up paint pens with your own paint to give yourself more precision when you’re doing small paint jobs. The kit comes with two fillable paint pens and a syringe for easy filling. Inside the pens, the paint can stay fresh for up to 7 years.


This Electric Lunch Box That Warms Your Food

If you enjoy a warm lunch, you’ll be thrilled to learn about this chic electric lunch box that will save you so much money on takeout lunch. The portable, rubber coated lunch box features a removable and dishwasher-safe 20-ounce container and a lid that prevents spills. A detachable cord plugs in to heat up the warming base like a standard Crock-Pot.


This Microneedle Derma Roller For A DIY Facial

Skip paying the big bucks for a facial with your esthetician and pay under $20 for this microneedle derma roller for DIY facials at home. The roller is designed to rejuvenate skin, but it can also be used on your scalp or hair to help stimulate hair growth.


These Motion Sensor LED Lights That Adhere To Stairs

These motion-activated indoor stair lights will illuminate stairs to help prevent falls. The sensor is only activated in darkness, it can detect motion up to 10 feet away, and it turns off after 30 seconds. The featured pack comes with three lights, but if you need more, the listing also offers a six-pack.


This Universal Socket Adapter Set

This universal socket wrench adapter features 54 individual hardened steel spring pins that adjust the exact size you need. The two-piece kit includes a power drill adapter that turns a regular drill into a power socket driver.


These Silicone Floor Protectors For Chairs

Finally, here’s a pack of chair leg floor protectors that actually stay in place. The silicone protectors fit over the foot of a chair and feature a felt bottom to ensure the chair or table won’t scratch your floor. They come in several sizes and colors to fit all types of chairs and tables.

  • Available colors: 16
  • Available sizes: 5


These Best-Selling Spot Stickers For Pimples And Blemishes

When you wear these pimple patches overnight, you will likely wake up with clearer-looking skin. In just 6 to 8 hours, the hydrocolloid stickers absorb oils and zit gunk. The adhesion is strong enough to last all night. The pack comes with 36 stickers so you’re set for a while.


This Makeup Eraser Towel That Works With Just Water

All you have to do is add water to this makeup towel for it to fully remove your makeup — including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and foundation. The machine-washable towel is ideal for sensitive skin that doesn’t do well with typical makeup remover. It’s reusable for up to five years.


This Quick-Dry Bath Mat That Fits Under Doors

Step out of the tub or shower onto this soft, nonslip bath mat. The quick-dry mat absorbs water so quickly, it’s as if you were never wet in the first place. While the mat comes in a variety of sizes, each one is thin enough to fit under most doors without issue.

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available sizes: 7


This Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Sure those little warming packets are great for a short period of time, but this rechargeable hand warmer will actually keep your hands warm for an extended period of time — 6 to 12 hours to be exact. There are three temperature levels, and it take just three seconds to heat up on both sides.


This Wearable Fleece Blanket With A Pocket For Your Phone

The only thing better than a fleece blanket is this wearable fleece blanket. Not only does the full-body blanket have sleeves and a phone pocket, it also features a cozy hood. The blanket can be machine washed, so it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Why be cold when you can be toasty warm?


This 12-Month Dry Erase Calendar For Mapping Out Your Year

This extra-large dry erase calendar features 12 months of customizable calendar space with daily blocks that you can write in, a monthly notes section, and a vertical notes section. Double-sided stickers are included so the calendar can be attached to a wall. If you don’t need an entire year’s worth of calendar space, the listing also offers a one-month option that’s great for the fridge.


This Laundry Rack That’s Easily Storable

This foldable laundry rack gets the job done well and will save you money. The rack can support up to 32 pounds and has plenty of space to hold all types of clothes. When it isn’t being used, the rack easily folds, lays flat, and can be stored in a closet or a narrow spot in your laundry room.


This Adorable Indoor Tabletop Fire Pit

Why crank up the heat when you can use this adorable tabletop indoor fire pit to bring a little bit of warmth and a whole lot of joy to your life? Simply fill it with rubbing or isopropyl alcohol and light it. The flame lasts for 40 to 50 minutes. Since the bottom of the fire pit gets hot, shoppers say to be sure to use the included coaster to prevent table burns.


This Fast & Effective Grout Pen For Reviving Tiles

Instead of scrubbing tiles and failing to remove gunk, use this nontoxic grout pen to recolor the grout so it looks brand new. The pen can cover up to 150 feet of thin grout. While the featured product has a narrow tip, you can also find a wide tip pen within the listing.


This Two-Pack Of Windshield Ice Scrapers That Clear Faster

Use this two-pack of car windshield ice scrapers to remove ice and snow without scratching your windshield. The cone shape allows you to tightly grasp the scraper and apply pressure for more coverage. Ice accumulates inside the cone that you can empty out before scraping more.


This Tabletop Water Bottle Dispenser

This desktop water bottle dispenser is perfect for the office, a camping trip, or anywhere you’d have a large jug of water that isn’t easy to pour. The dispenser features seven capacity levels, comes with a holder tray, and is charged via USB. To use, place the tube in a large jug and set the dispenser on a table to provide water whenever you need it.


This Genius Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder

Keep your bobby pins in one place with this magnetic holder. The holder keeps bobby pins, hair clips, and barrettes in place so you can grab one when you need it. It’s great to keep at home in a drawer or on a countertop, and it’s also ideal for hairstylists to use at the salon.


These Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets That’ll Last All Year

When you buy this box of washing machine cleaner tablets, you’ll get a year’s supply (24 tablets total). The foaming tablets help get rid of residue and grime buildup while removing odors. They’re compatible with all washing machines, including high efficiency models.


This Earthquake Gel That’ll Protect Items From Falling

Designed to protect your breakables from falling during an earthquake (or due to a pet climbing behind them), this Quakehold gel is a clear and removable adhesive that works great on glass, crystal, metal, aluminum, and other polished surfaces. The gel can be formed into any shape and placed underneath an item to keep it in place securely.


These Affordable Rechargeable AA Batteries

When these rechargeable AA batteries die, they can be recharged up to 1,000 times. The batteries have a shelf life of five years, too. The featured product comes with eight batteries in a pack, but if you need more, the listing also offers 12, 16, or 24 batteries in a pack.


This Portable Door Lock For Additional Safety When Traveling

You never know what kind of locking system a vacation home rental or hotel will have, but with this portable door lock, you’ll always feel secure. To install, simply insert the metal piece into the slot of the door lock, close the door, and put the red handle groove into the stud of the metal sheet to prevent anyone from opening the door from outside.


This Versatile Rotary Cheese Grater

Hand crank all types of food with this manual rotary grater that comes with three blade types. While it’s main function is to grate cheese, it also works well for vegetables, potatoes, nuts, onions, and more. A strong suction on the bottom keeps the grater in place while you’re using it. If blue isn’t your jam, there are several other fun colors to choose from.


This Multifunctional Hand Juicer

When it comes to orange juice, there’s nothing better than hand squeezed, which is why this hand juicer will transform your mornings. Not only can you squeeze citrus, it also comes with a reamer that can work to separate eggs and grate cheese. The container holds up to 20 ounces of liquid that can be poured directly from the spout; plus, it features measurement markings so you can use it as a measuring cup. Talk about multifuctional!


This Genius Portable Dog Paw Cleaner With A Cult Following

With more than 51,000 positive reviews, this portable dog paw cleaner is an absolute brilliant product that will keep the water contained as you rinse your dog’s paws after a walk — which means it will also save you money on rugs and cleaning products. To use, add water, insert a dirty paw, twist as gentle silicone bristles remove dirt, and repeat for the three other paws. If you plan to travel with the cup, there are options for a travel lid to prevent spills.

  • Available colors: 8
  • Available sizes: 5


This Sturdy TV Mount That Doesn’t Require Finding A Stud

With this TV wall mount, you can hang your TV without needing to find a stud or drill huge holes in the wall, thanks to its interlocking bar design. It’s easy to set up and comes with a variety of screws to fit most TVs. The mount is sturdy and can hold a 12-inch to 55-inch TV up to 99 pounds. One shopper noted, “Strong, sturdy, and incredibly easy to install.”


This Dryer Vent Cleaner With 27,000 Glowing Reviews

Not only does this dryer vent cleaner kit clear out your dryer’s buildup of lint and dust to help prevent fires, it can also help with the machine’s performance. Backed by nearly 30,000 positive reviews, the kit includes a high quality brush head and 20 pieces of flexible rods that can extend up to 30 feet.

For more items that are equal parts genius and affordable, check out “65 Bizarre Things Under $30 On Amazon That Are Clever As Hell.”

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