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7C’s of Patient Care in Medical Tourism by Dr Prem

Patient care lies at the heart of the medical tourism industry. What does it entail? What does it take to provide exceptional patient care? These questions often strike our minds. Let’s delve deeper to understand the art and science of patient care strategy in medical tourism. Here we present 7Cs of Patient Care for you to follow. 1. Compassion: Empathy is when you show genuine concern for patients. Compassion is about making a commitment to do something for them. You ease their worries and create a comforting environment so that they feel understood and valued. 2. Care: Communicating only the price and profit is a big mistake. Provide personalized care and attention to meet their unique needs and expectations, ensuring their well-being at every step. 3. Communication: Foster open communication by mindfully listening to their pains and concerns. Keep an empathetic tone. Understand their stated and unstated needs, which patients are unable to talk about. 4. Clarity: Whatever you say or talk about, ensure it is clear and easily understood. Maintain transparency about treatment procedures, possible outcomes and costs involved, helping patients make informed decisions. 5. Convenience: Streamline your patient’s journey by removing touchpoint frictions. Value their time and minimize stress by convenient appointment scheduling, arranging travel and treatment logistics, and followup care. 6. Culture: Build a cultural understanding of international patients by respecting their values, practices, and beliefs and tailor your care support accordingly. 7. Coordination: Put a well-coordinated system in place by collaborating with providers and agencies, ensuring a smooth transition of the patient’s journey in different phases. Watch full video on LinkedIn: Dr Prem Jagyasi / #drprem #medicaltourism #masterclass #networking #medicaltourimfacilitator #patientcare #compasssion #empathy #wellnesstourism #medicaltourismguides #wellnesscoach #consultant #patientcarestrategy #patientcoordination

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