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8 Best Maternity Workout Clothes

Exercise during pregnancy has benefits galore. These include a reduction in back pain, decreased likelihood of constipation, lower risk for preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and a C-section, strengthening of blood vessels, and the ability to maintain a healthy weight, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Provided your OB or other medical pro clears you to keep working out, regular exercise can become part of your normal routine. But what should you wear?

Your pre-pregnancy workout wardrobe may start to feel snug soon. Restrictive fabrics that bunch and gather in places you would rather not feel, materials that make you sweat, and clothes that don’t support your growing bump (or breasts) are no-go’s during pregnancy.

From lux leggings to supportive tanks, you need a whole new wardrobe of workout gear. Don’t worry, there’s no need to stress over what to wear when you hit the gym, go to a prenatal yoga class, or just jog around the block. We’ve got you covered with some of the top maternity picks that are stylish, fully functional, and will grow with your bumping belly.


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Do you really need maternity clothes to workout?

Pregnancy changes the shape of your body – of course. But do you really need special maternity clothes just to get sweaty? While you don’t “need” maternity workout-wear, these pregnancy-friendly picks can make you more comfortable when you exercise.

Oversized tees and three-sizes-too-big joggers may fit your new body shape now that your bump is at full force. Even though larger-than-you-would-usually-wear picks could fit, the excess material may keep you too warm or pose a trip and fall hazard. The trailing tee that hangs down to the almost-knee level could get caught on a treadmill or wrap around another piece of gym equipment. This could put you in an unsafe position and result in a serious injury.

Instead of sizing up in your regular workout-wear, opt for maternity clothes that fit correctly. Not only could these options make injuries less likely or keep you cool, they may add support where your pregnant body needs it. While you might put the focus on your belly bump, you also need to support your growing breasts. A 2022 study found that the more supported a woman’s breasts are while exercising, the lower her oxygen consumption. This may mean that supportive maternity tops can improve your comfort level and help you to stay healthy during a workout.


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What to look for in maternity workout clothes?

There isn’t one maternity workout ensemble that is made for every pregnant person. But there are a few things you should look for when you browse the options. The right fabric choice is essential. You want a fabric that supports your body – and has enough give to permit different types of movement. If your leggings, shorts, or tops make it almost impossible to bend, jog, squat, or lift anything comfortably, you could lose some of the exercise-related benefits that you would expect.

Along with comfort and the ability to move, your maternity workout-wear should wick sweat away from your body. Excessive heat is not your friend during pregnancy. Not only does a hot, sticky workout make you feel completely uncomfortable, the higher heat could pose a health risk.

A research review in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives noted that extremely high internal body temperature could pose cardiovascular, respiratory, or kidney disease risks for the mother during pregnancy and could potentially increase the likelihood of preterm birth, stillbirth, or having a low birth weight baby. The possibility of health-related complications from excessive heat makes it important to choose workout-wear that breathes, is sweat-wicking, and helps you to stay cool.

If you’re not sure which of the popular picks are the best maternity workout clothes for you, here are a few of our favorites to get you started!


Maacie Maternity Over the Belly Capri Yoga Pants

Best Value

$10 $33 Save $23

Maacie Maternity Over the Belly Capri Yoga Pants are a polyester spandex blend with mesh patchwork and a U-shaped design on the back. The moisture-wicking material is supportive and breathable.


  • Price
  • Breathable fabric
  • Supportive design

The Maacie Maternity Over the Belly Capri Yoga Pants provide the comfort and support your changing body needs during a workout. Don’t want the sweat to stick around? These capris are made from a moisture-wicking material that is breathable. This means you will stay cool during your toughest pregnancy workouts. And don’t worry about binding as you move. These pants are made from a stretchy fabric that has plenty of give.

The over-the-belly design will add to your sense of comfort and grow with you during your pregnancy. This extends the life of the pants, making it possible to wear them further into your pregnancy. Not only will you get months of wear, the price point for these capris is just-right – making them an economical buy! If you’re wondering if the cost is just too good to be true.


Ecavus Maternity Racerback Tank Top

Best Workout Tank

The polyester spandex blend of the Ecavus Maternity Racerback Tank Top gives this pregnancy workout shirt the give necessary to keep you comfortable. This stylish tank has side ruching and is available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large.


  • Stretchy fabric
  • Comfortable racerback design
  • Plenty of color choices

  • Only available in four sizes

The old oversized tee you were thinking of wearing to the gym just won’t do. But the Ecavus Maternity Racerback Tank Top will take your pregnancy workout to a new (and comfortable) level. Stay cool in this sleeveless stretchy top. Not only is the material quick-drying, it has the give necessary for your changing body. “I’ve worn this 2-3 times to work out now. I work out outdoors in the summer heat and it has still kept me cool,” according to one soon-to-be mother.

Even though workout-wear and style aren’t always synonymous, this tank scores high marks for design. The side ruching adds a little something extra without going overboard and the tank is available in a variety of fashion colors.


Poshdivah Maternity Workout Leggings

Best Coverage

$20 $24 Save $4

Like other workout-wear pieces, the Poshdivah Maternity Workout Leggings are made from a polyester spandex blend. The comfortable material is colored with non-toxic dyes and is tear-resistant. The non-see-through fabric won’t give too much away at the gym.


  • Non-see-through material
  • High waist
  • Two pockets

With more than 3,500 reviews on Amazon and a 4+ star rating, the Poshdivah Maternity Workout Leggings are a pregnancy favorite. Not only are these pants cool and comfy, they are fully functional. The two pocket-design lets you carry your phone or other smaller items with you to yoga, Pilates class, the gym, or on a walk.

If you have concerns about the top band moving as you move, these pants have a special locking edge that stops rolling. This means you won’t have to fidget with your pants as you bend, slide, or jog. Don’t worry about a major VPL with these pants.


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Motherhood Maternity Stretch Secret Fit Over the Belly Leggings

Best Size Range

$20 $25 Save $5

The Motherhood Maternity Stretch Secret Fit Over the Belly Leggings are a cotton spandex blend. These full-length legging come down to the ankle and are available in sizes extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large, XXL, and XXXL.


  • Sizes extra-small through XXXL
  • Machine washable
  • Full-length or crop fit

You want a legging that will grow with your pregnant belly. The Motherhood Maternity Stretch Secret Fit Over the Belly Leggings have a seamless stretchy front panel to do just that!

Instead of a scuba suit-like material, these leggings are made from a soft cotton blend that has a durable knit weave. This means you’ll get more wears out of the machine washable workout pick. If you’re not sure whether you need a full-length style to keep your legs warm or want a cropped look, you’re in luck. These lux leggings are available in both options. Along with adding to your gym style, you can wear these leggings almost anywhere, “They are cotton which is a must for me. I find them durable and comfortable. Great to wear under dresses or around the house.”


Ginkana Maternity Long Sleeve Half-Zip Pullover

Best Workout Pullover

The Ginkana Maternity Long Sleeve Half-Zip Pullover is a comfortable top that can keep you warm during a cold-weather workout. The workout pullover is available in over a dozen colors and in sizes S through XL.


  • Front pocket
  • Half-zipper style
  • Color choices

You won’t always need a tank for your workout. When the weather cools, the Ginkana Maternity Long Sleeve Half-Zip Pullover is the perfect addition to your exercise routine. The stretchy shirt is made from viscose, polyester, and spandex materials. It features a half-zipper design, making it easy to cool down when your workout gets you sweaty.

The front kangaroo pocket makes it convenient to carry a few small items to the gym or gives you a place to keep your hands warm during an outdoors exercise session. Available in a wide variety of colors, you’ll find a color that meets your style. And don’t worry about giving up this soft shirt after your baby’s birth day, “I got this when it was on sale and before I got my bump. It was cute prebump and still cute with the bump! I love that I can wear it not pregnant as well. Very soft and well made”


Poshdivah Maternity Yoga Shorts

Best Workout Shorts

$24 $40 Save $16

The Poshdivah Maternity Yoga Shorts are stretchy and made from a nylon spandex blend. These shorts have pockets, are available in a variety of colors, and come in sizes XS through XL.


  • Pockets
  • Color availability
  • Machine washable

  • May need to size down for fit

The Poshdivah Maternity Yoga Shorts are comfortable during all three trimesters. These stretchy shorts are made with two layers of fabric in the back, adding extra support where you need it. The high waist contours around your pregnant belly, giving you a comfortable fit. Soft stretch fabric scores high marks for feeling good against the skin, while still providing enough give to expand in later-pregnancy. And, they help to support your growing belly, “These are the perfect compression for the bump! Love how smooth feel and they are quality stretchy material.”

Even though these shorts fit snuggly, they still have room for pockets. Carry your phone, credit card, or other smaller-sized must-have’s with you – minus the need for a bulky bag.


Fitglam Maternity Tank Top

Best Extra Length Top

The Fitglam Maternity Tank Top comes in a three-pack of different color options. The polyester spandex blend racerback tank is long enough to cover your growing belly and comes in sizes small through extra-large.


  • Extra-long length
  • Comes in a three-pack
  • Machine washable

How many tanks do you need for your maternity workouts? The Fitglam Maternity Tank Top comes in a handy three-pack, making it unnecessary to buy tank after tank. Choose from one of the many color combinations to match your maternity style!

With side ruching and a scoop neck, this cute tank will keep you looking fashionable at the gym, Pilates class, yoga, or anywhere else. The stretchy fabric provides room to grow and won’t leave you feeling bound by your tee.


Mazusports Maternity Yoga Shorts

Best Belly Panel Short

The Mazusports Maternity Yoga Shorts are a polyester spandex blend with a soft feel. TThis pick is available in sizes small through 3XL. The full belly panel offers superior support and the non-see-through fabric will make those VPL’s go away.


  • No-see-through material
  • Belly panel design
  • Available in a variety of colors

Forget about those thin yoga shorts that you can see through. The Mazusports Maternity Yoga Shorts are made from a no-peek-a-boo fabric that will keep you covered. Along with the non-see-through fabric, the shorts come with a comfortable, supportive front panel for your bumping belly. Don’t worry about chafing with these soft shorts. The four-way stretch fabric has chafe-free seams that let you move freely during your workouts.

The pluses don’t stop there. These shorts feature pockets that make carrying smaller items to the gym easy and convenient. If you’re looking for shorts that go from the gym to just about anywhere else, here’s what one soon-to-be mommy had to say, “I’ve ordered about 5 different types of biker shorts during my pregnancy and these are by far the best. You can wear them on their own or under dresses to avoid chafing, plus it smooths out your bump if you have an apron belly like I do.”


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What are the safety considerations for working out while pregnant?

You’ve put together your maternity workout-wear wardrobe and are ready to hit the gym. Before you resume your old exercise routine or start a new physical activity, talk to your medical provider. Your OB, midwife, or other healthcare pro will assess your needs, help you to understand the impact of any pregnancy-related complications/conditions, and recommend a realistic (and healthy!) workout routine.

If you’re not sure which types of exercise are best to try during pregnancy, the ACOG explains that walking, stationary bicycling, modified yoga, and modified Pilates are some of the safest options during pregnancy. Avoid any type of physical activity that could result in a fall, poses an impact risk to your abdomen, or is a full contact sport. Even though modified yoga and Pilates are usually pregnancy-friendly, the hot versions are not. These could cause you to overheat.


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Your growing bump and changing body shape may make it harder to keep your balance. This could lead to a fall or other injury. An increased risk of muscle, joint, and ligament damage compounds this issue. The ovaries and the placenta produce a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy. This hormone helps the placenta to grow, prevents early uterine contractions, and allows the ligaments surrounding the uterus to relax, according to the Cleveland Clinic. It can also affect other ligaments and muscles in the body, making it easier to injure yourself during physical activity.

Pay close attention to how you feel during any type of exercise. Stop immediately if you have any unexplained vaginal bleeding or fluid leaking from the vagina, shortness of breath, muscle weakness, a headache, calf pain, calf swelling, painful contractions, or feel dizzy/faint. Contact your medical provider ASAP and do not resume your workout until the doctor or other practitioner clears you to exercise again.

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