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9 Tourists Brutally Tortured And Killed By Mexican Cartels

9 Tourists Brutally Tortured And Killed By Mexican Cartels

Tourists Who Met Death at the Hands of Mexican Cartels. On March third , twenty twenty-three , a routine medical trip took a terrible turn for Latvia McGee and her friends. The group got trapped in a brutal attack by a Mexican drug gang, their tragic story just one example of the dangers facing visitors to parts of Mexico. Once peaceful vacation spots have become war zones, where tourists get caught in the middle of criminal battles. Brutal kills, mass graves, people vanishing – the horrible things happening have destroyed the feeling of safety, exposing a terrifying new reality for travelers. We’ll show you the human cost of Mexico’s drug gang crisis, from the beaches of Cancun to the historic streets of Oaxaca. These are stories of lives cut short, dreams destroyed, and the ghosts haunting Mexico’s tourist spots..

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