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A Mom Shared The Green Flag Moment Her Daughter Captured On A Date

A Mom Shared The Green Flag Moment Her Daughter Captured On A Date

Dating as a young woman in today’s world can be fraught, to say the least. And really, even going out at all as a woman can come with its dangers if you aren’t aware and careful (and sometimes even still). As moms, to kids of all genders, many of us feel a great responsibility — and great anxiety — about our young adult children entering the dating world while keeping safe and finding a kind person to have a healthy relationship with.

And sometimes, there’s just a little, concrete sign that things could be going in the right direction.

That was the case when one mom got a picture her grown daughter sent her while on a date with someone relatively new. She relayed the story on a Facebook forum for parents with grown children.

“My DD has been dating a new guy,” the mom wrote. “They were recently at a club watching a live show when my DD excused herself to use the restroom. As she approached on her return she noticed her date sitting there watching the show, with his hand covering her drink while she was gone. Both of them are aware that drinks can be spiked in crowded bars, but they never really discussed it with each other. He just knew what to do to protect her while his attention was on the show and she was away. My daughter was so touched that she took this picture to remember the moment.”

“Their relationship is young and they haven’t said ‘I love you’ yet,” she added, “but this mama is hoping this thoughtful young man sticks around!”

This mom, who was happy to have Scary Mommy share her words and her story, but who wanted to stay anonymous for the sake of her daughter and new beau, knows a green flag when she sees it.

Down in the comments, other parents chimed in on the small, thoughtful gesture that shows he’s aware of women’s experiences — and willing to do something about it.

“Actions speak louder than words. That’s a good guy,” one person commented, to many upvotes.

“Good job to the awesome role models out there raising this young sir right. I love that she took this pic without him knowing too. Showing his authentic self with no one watching,” another added.

A few pointed out another thing, though: it’s pretty sad that this has to happen in the first place.

“Mama raised a caring young man,” one person wrote. “At the same time how sad what our young adults have to deal with.”

“Very thoughtful,” another person added. “I hate that our kids have to think like this! Wish they could just be out having fun & not worry about bad people slipping things in their drinks.”

Sadly, getting your drink spiked in a bar is not a rare event for women. A recent survey of college students found that about 8% of respondents had had a drink spiked — and 80% of those respondents were women. About 1.4% of respondents admitted to spiking someone else’s drink… but of course who knows how many people would fess up.

Many safety experts advise women to never leave their drink unattended in a crowded room, even if you know all of the guests. In addition, women should watch their drink being made by the bartender and never accept an already-made drink from a stranger.

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