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A News Anchor Has An Epic Response To Body-Shaming Comment

Every once in a while, the sexism and misogyny of the world is enough to make a woman snap. One action or comment puts you over the edge and suddenly you are yelling at someone at a bus stop or hitting “reply all” on an inappropriate email. Or, if you happen to work in live television, you respond to criticism of your body with the cameras rolling, for everyone to see.

That’s what happened to Calgary traffic reporter Leslie Horton, who got one too many body-shaming comments and couldn’t hold in her response any longer.

And her epic shut-down is being applauded by people around the world.

Horton, who is 59, was just about to start her report on November 29 when she received an email from a man who had emailed her before: “Congratulations on your pregnancy,” it read. “If you’re going to wear old bus driver pants, you can expect emails like this.”

“No, I’m not pregnant. I actually lost my uterus to cancer last year, and this is what women my age look like,” she said. “So, if it’s offensive to you, that is unfortunate. Think about the emails you send.”

Her workplace, Global News in Calgary, wasn’t just supportive: They posted it on social media in support of their employee — and it quickly went viral.

Women around the world applauded Horton for her quick thinking, spot-on response, and calm and grace throughout it all.

“You handled the low life like a champ,” one person wrote.

“You’re on TV, that loser just hides behind a keyboard,” another added.

And many, many people noted: “You look great!”

Horton sat down with TODAY to discuss the moment and the response she’s been getting from it. And apparently, it’s not the first time she’s heard from this guy, it’s just the first time she’s responded.

“He’s reached out several times over the years, and his intent is always to humiliate and hurt me,” she told TODAY. “We’re not supposed to respond to trolls — so I had no plans to address it, but then the words just came out of my mouth. I had this visceral reaction.”

She also explained that since he’s a regular viewer, he very likely knew about her endometrial cancer diagnosis in 2020 and the surgery that followed — a hysterectomy that can literally change the shape of a woman’s body. She had discussed her diagnosis and treatment on air in the past.

Why did she wait until now to respond to him?

“Maybe I was responding to the pregnancy, no uterus, cancer thing,” Horton told TODAY. “Or maybe it’s just the fact that I’m tired female broadcasters — and women in general — are being treated this way. And I would say it hit a nerve because I’ve received thousands of messages from people — men and women — saying, ‘Good for you. This is not right and it needs to stop.’”

And, finally, what we all truly want to know: Is she ever going to wear her bus driver pants again?

“Damn straight,” she said. “I will continue wearing the pants, and I will continue going on TV because you telling me I’m old, ugly and fat doesn’t change the way I feel about myself.”

As one person on X wrote, “This woman for PM!”

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