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Al-Shifa; BBC; Nikki Haley; Funding Bill; China/US; US Demographics | YBS: News Roundup Nov 15

00:00 Intro
04:05 Upcoming Shows Schedule
04:55 Al-Shifa
12:32 BBC
21:23 Nikki Haley
25:50 Funding Bill
29:12 China/US
33:44 US Demographics Postponed

Live Questions:
35:26 300,000 pro Israel protestors showed up in Washington DC. They were peaceful and positive and cleaned up after themselves. A nice contrast to the pro “Palestinian” rallies. A good sign that the west will still reject barbarism outright?
38:22 Sorry I’m late. Did you already discuss the almost fight that broke out in the senate with that union thug? Bernie seemed to do a good job keeping the peace 😂.
38:54 Why does Netanyahu give great speeches and then act like a coward? Wouldn’t it be more in his self-interest to do the things he articulates in the speech?
41:34 The US has seen our birth rate decline below 1.7, and we did it without a One Child Policy. Yay?
43:01 That BBC interview skit sounds like great stuff, I’ll be sure to check it out. Humor is indeed one of the most powerful weapons!
43:11 Some people have said that the future belongs to those who have children. Do you think this is true?
45:26 How can anyone in good faith recommend the military as a career with wokeness, weaker discipline, and all the other problems developing within.
46:34 Have you listened to the recent podcasts featuring Musk on Rogan and Fridman? Lex comes off as naive framing the question of Hamas and Musk’s answer wasn’t any better. At least on Rogan we saw the cyber truck get shot with an arrow.
49:01 Why does race matter in 2023 so much in USA? As you travel to other countries (even Canada) it appears to matter less. Will this ever change in USA?
51:49 There is a new Substack named Israel Talking Points which appeared earlier today, Elan Journo announced it on X. It should be publicized, and I suspect that some Objectivist might be behind it…
53:05 How can we push America to make Israel the 51st state?
54:02 Besides NYC did you find any cities where race matters less? In Boston, San Francisco, Fort Worth, and etc. it seems to always be a political weapon.
54:39 Your show with Greg and Amesh the other night was fantastic.
55:15 would you summarize the objectivist position on how the US should regard China? is it an enemy? a military threat? and economic threat? what should be our actions
59:06 Recommendation on continuously following the moment to moment news on the war on X. Frustrated at expecting progress at rooting out Hamas and the lack of observed accomplishments.
1:01:01 But don’t you Debaters not respect Talking Points?
1:01:25 How much is it to make a segment about a new Bloomberg video titled “Globalization Is Fracturing. So What Comes Next?”? The mainstream media’s. view.
1:02:06 Im a 24-year-old mad that most my age only think of booze.I couldn’t find a single girl to date that wasn’t this. This led me (atheist) to join the Mormon church. What would you tell a man like me?

1:03:27 Outro

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