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American Woman Praises Indian Healthcare System, Says It’s Incredible

American Woman Praises Indian Healthcare System, Says It’s Incredible

Hyderabad: An American woman says that she was astounded by the ease of obtaining quality healthcare in India. One-half of the vlogging duo UNSTUK with Mac & Keen, Mackenzie, posted a video on Instagram about her British partner getting sick when they were in India.

The American vlogger explained how her boyfriend Keenan felt sick and said, “I am going to be spoiled for life in terms of Indian healthcare.”

In the video, she said, that until a friend advised that they get Keenan some basic medicine and get some tests done, Mackenzie said that she was “very nervous” about the issue.

When the American woman discovered that patients in India could schedule tests at any time of their choosing, she was taken aback. On the other hand, in the US, scheduling a lab test appointment can take several days to many weeks.

Furthermore, Mackenzie was taken aback to learn that a nurse would come to their home to gather samples and that they would obtain test results later in the day, rather than having to go to a doctor’s office for the testing.

Another concern for the American YouTuber was the expense of such a luxury. “It’s going to be expensive,” she stated in her video. But that was only before she learned the entire thing only cost her $14, which is around 1,100 rupees.

“I’m blown away, this is incredible,” she said while talking about the Indian healthcare system.

According to Mackenzie, Indian healthcare is better than, that of the US and the UK. Her video went viral two days ago and has received over 5 million views on Instagram.

Since the video was shared 5 days ago it has gone viral and has received more than 5 million views on Instagram.

Many social media users shared their opinions below the video. “There is a reason all my friends from India go back to India to get their root canals, new glasses, contacts, and annual checkups,” a person wrote. “Healthcare here in the US is so expensive. I pay $470 a month for insurance and yet I can’t find a doctor that is in the network and taking new patients. I haven’t been to the eye doctor in 2 years, Gyno in 3 years, dentist in 4 years, and PCP in 8 years.”

“From blood tests at home, online doctor consultation, 10 min grocery delivery and ofc pickup services. India is doing pretty well,” another user wrote.

“Indian healthcare for those who have money is phenomenal. Indian healthcare for those who live below the poverty line is abysmal,” another countered.

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