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An Open Letter To All Budding Dentists | DentalReach – Leading Dental Magazine

An Open Letter To All Budding Dentists | DentalReach – Leading Dental Magazine

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Here’s me sharing my experiences on accepting & overcoming fear.

In the past, every time before posting a new dental case on social media, I have felt cautious, nervous and under confident. Why?

My answer to myself: Not because I do not trust my work or my judgement. Its just the immense amount of talent out there, which makes me feel overwhelmed and sometimes lacking.

I want to learn more, understand more and be better than my past self. Showcasing my work, gets me motivated. But still posting every new case gave me the jitters. I wondered… Why can’t I be perfect like those amazing super talented, confident people whose cases I adore?

Why so much fear? The old me, told myself that it is in my nature.

That is how I am, and it is a problem. Or simply because I am not good enough and everyone is better.

It has been easy to hide behind such words. Its easier to just accept these answers and live in self-doubt.

But the new me wants that to change.

I read something extra ordinary and it made me question myself again. The same question.

Why so much fear? But this time the answer was different…

“Every beginning, everything new is cautious, nervous, even vague and confused. Its not wrong or perfect but its hopeful and determined. It’s like mist and nothing is crystal clear. Knowing is good, being perfect comprises of a series of hidden struggles and doubts, with a beautiful grand finale for all the audience to see and applaud. Maybe its time to embrace that fear, accept that its normal, smile and be ok with it. Anyways, the big question is… when I look back wouldn’t it be better to remember myself and my work as little beginnings than just a successful end?”

And that made all the difference to me. Hope it helps you too.

Private Practitioner, Mumbai

Author, Procedural Dentistry for Complete Dentures

  • Dr Shivangi Gajwani Jain is a Diplomat of the Indian Board of Prosthodontic Society(I); Former Faculty, BVP DC, Navi Mumbai & Author (Elsevier & Jaypee); and is a recipient of the I.C.D Merit Award by ‘The International College of Dentists.’

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