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Baby Name Pro Pairs Disney First & Middle Boy Names In Viral Video

Are you a Disney adult? It’s OK to admit it; this is a safe space. And if your fandom has you considering Disney names for your baby, well, that’s OK too. In fact, baby name consultant Jenn Ficarra is going viral over a recent TikTok video of suggestions for baby boy names inspired by the wonderful world of Walt.

Ficarra, who runs Nom De Bloom Naming, first shared the video in response to a follower who needed a third Disney-inspired name to go with two older siblings. “I love this one. You have two boys: Walter Banks and Jack Rider. Both Disney-inspired baby names. You need a third Disney boy-inspired name,” Ficarra says. “Well, I’ve got some ideas.”

So, if you need a little help pairing the perfect Disney-centric options together, you’ll love what Ficarra has up her sleeve.

Before diving into her picks, let’s take a look at the original brothers’ super-cute names (shout-out to these kids’ clever parents).

Walter Banks

Walter is most likely a tribute to Walt Disney himself. Banks was the last name of the family from Mary Poppins.

Jack Rider

Jack could be an homage to Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) or Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean). Rider is almost certainly after the affable Flynn Rider from Tangled.

Now, onto Ficarra’s suggestions…

Eric Kristoff

“One I think you could do is Eric Kristoff,” she says, adding, “I like the idea of Eric, Walter, and Jack. I think that’s a nice flow.”

She explains that Kristoff is from one of Disney’s newer films, Frozen, while Eric is the prince in The Little Mermaid. It keeps that nice balance of classic and unique. Eric is also a Norse name, which goes well with the Scandinavian Kristoff. Eric has a few meanings, but “ever powerful” is the one most parents will want to cling to.

Flynn Cornelius

“I love, love, love this next one,” Ficarra gushes. “Cornelius sort of fits the old vibe, the vintage vibe, of Walter, and Flynn fits with Banks and Rider in that these names are really more modern right now. They’re quite popular right now.”

Flynn obviously links back to Tangled and Flynn Rider again. Cornelius has actually been used several times by Disney. You can find Cornelius Fillmore in the show Fillmore!, where he was known as “Do-Gooder.” There’s also Cornelius Coot from Duck Tales, Donald Duck’s great, great grandfather. You may also remember Cornelius Robinson in Meet the Robinsons or Prince Cornelius in Thumbelina. The name means “horn,” and you can do with that what you wish.

Sebastian McQueen

“I think if we want to lean totally into Disney, let’s do Sebastian McQueen … Sebastian’s quite popular right now. It’s very timeless. McQueen is fun, so Disney-esque in the way that Walter is so overtly Disney,” says Ficarra.

Is Sebastian a mouthy red crab? Yes. But was he also your favorite part of The Little Mermaid? For sure. And even if Cars was never your jam, the ode to Lightning McQueen is cool.

Jenn’s Other Suggestions:

  • Roger Philip — Roger Rabbit or Roger from 101 Dalmations, and Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty
  • Jasper O’Malley — Jasper from 101 Dalmations, and O’Malley from Aristocats
  • Maximillian Copper — Max from The Goofy Movie, and Copper from The Fox and The Hound
  • Andy Percival — Andy from Toy Story, and Percival from Rescuers Down Under or like Percy, the pup from Pocahontas
  • James Francis — James from Peter Pan to Monsters Inc. and beyond, and Francis from Oliver and Company
  • Milo Porter — Milo (James Thatch) from Atlantis, and Porter from Tarzan (Jane’s last name)

No matter what name you choose for your little future Disn-erd, don’t let anyone give you sh*t for looking to your fandom for inspo. Wherever you get your baby name — from fairy names to flower names to, yup, Disney characters — all that matters is that you love it. Besides, Ficarra’s ideas are frickin’ adorable.

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