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Bankrupt Katie Price in hot water as advert for diet food is banned and she’s slammed for promoting low-calorie diet

KATIE Price has come under fire for failing to make it clear she was advertising a diet food firm on Instagram.

The advert for The Skinny Food Co, which sparked outrage among fans at the time, has now been banned for irresponsibly promoting a diet that fell below 800 calories a day and for making unauthorised weight loss claims.

Katie Price has come under fire for an advert over the summer
The advert showed Katie having a very low-calorie diet

The Instagram reel featured Katie, 45, making meals for herself throughout the day and talking about her efforts to lose weight.

But the post left some fans furious. One commented: “Katie. 800 calories is not even enough for a toddler. Eat proper food, not that.”

Another said: “It’s not good, sorry.. and a calorie deficit like that you will just put it back on.. up your calories to 1700 exercise and eat healthy.. hope this helps because this won’t x.”

In the video, the mum-of-five, who was recently made bankrupt for a second time, said: “I am making my delicious coffee, with the caramelised biscuit Skinny Food zero calorie syrup.”

She then made lunch for herself and dinner, saying: “Here I am, God look at that double chin, here’s why I’m on the Skinny Foods, Jesus, look at that double chin.

“Now, everyone knows I love a curry, so tonight, I am making a chicken tikka takeaway meal.”

A caption stated: “Another example of how you can eat so many delicious meals and snacks in the day.

“If I have a bad day I like to go in a calorie deficit to ensure it’s not a bad week!”

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received two complaints that the post was not recognisable as an ad and irresponsible for promoting a diet low in calories.

The ASA also challenged whether the weight loss claims for the products shown in the ad were authorised by the Great Britain Nutrition and Health Claims Register.

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Not Guilty Food Co Ltd, trading as The Skinny Food Co, said that the reel included ‘#ad’, which they considered sufficient.

The firm also said it could not control what Katie ate, but that being in a “calorie deficit” was a proven way to achieve weight loss.

Katie agreed to remove the ad and confirmed that she followed a calorie deficit approach, which she believed many people in the UK did, and asked for further information on how to make similar posts compliant in future.

Advertising rules

According to ASA rules, any social media adverts must be identified as such clearly and prominently.

The ASA ruled that Katie’s hashtag informing followers her post was an ad was not visible without first engaging with the reel.

Posts promoting extreme diets – such as Katie’s calorie deficit approach – must also advise that they are for short-term use only and that medical advice must be sought out first.

Repeat offenders

Katie is not the first reality star to come under fire for failing to disclose ads on social media.

Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry and former Towie star Lucy Mecklenburgh previously made a list of repeat offenders.

Read more on the Irish Sun

The ASA said in 2021 that they “routinely failed to clearly disclose when they are advertising to consumers on their social media channels”. 

Also included on the list were Jodie Marsh and former CBB star Chloe Khan.

Everything you need to know about Katie Price

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Katie agreed to remove the advertCredit: PA

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