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Best All-Terrain Strollers For Off-Road Adventures

A stroller is one of the bigger purchases new parents make, and it’s one they usually put a lot of thought into. The right stroller can make life with a baby much easier, while the wrong one can be a pain. Many families are opting for an all-terrain stroller because they include features that fit a variety of lifestyles.

Whether you’re going on an off-road adventure or to the coffee shop around the corner, an all-terrain stroller could be right for you. We’ve put together a list of the best all-terrain strollers so you can choose the one that meets all of your needs.


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What is an all-terrain stroller?

All-terrain strollers are designed to be used on any surface. Whether you’re walking (or jogging!) on pavement, grass, or a trail, an all-terrain stroller will make it easy to push your little one ahead of you.

This type of stroller usually features one front and two back wheels, and most easily fold up to stow in the car for adventures away from home. All-terrain strollers also commonly include a suspension system that will keep your baby’s ride smooth, no matter how many bumps you hit.


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Who would benefit from an all-terrain stroller?

An all-terrain stroller might bring to mind a family who hits the trails every weekend. But in reality, all-terrain strollers include components that fit many activities and ways of living!

Outdoor enthusiasts

Families who love to spend time in nature tend to choose all-terrain strollers. Whether you’re taking your little one on a hike or strolling along the beach, an all-terrain stroller will be able to handle whatever surface you throw at it.

Active families

Families who love to walk or run everywhere find a lot to love in all-terrain strollers. Since they are lightweight and aerodynamic, these strollers are easy to push over long distances, so you can put more of your energy into your favorite activity, rather than into a clunky, hard-to-push stroller.

Families without smooth roads

If you live somewhere without paved roads or with sidewalks that need updating, an all-terrain stroller could be the answer to your problems. This type of stroller can handle gravel roads and bumpy concrete so you can still get outside for a walk with your baby!

Features to consider when buying an all-terrain stroller?

When shopping for your all-terrain stroller, consider these features to ensure you buy the right stroller for your family.

Weight of the stroller

While most all-terrain strollers are considered lightweight, some companies have shaved off extra pounds from their strollers. If you know you’re going to be lifting your stroller in and out of your car frequently, prioritize buying one that is as light as possible.

Durability of the all-terrain stroller

You want an all-terrain stroller that can handle whatever you put it through, so purchasing one with a durable frame is essential. Look for an all-terrain strollers with a frame made of a durable but lightweight material like aluminum or carbon fiber.

If there is an accessible brake

If you’ll be running or traversing steep hills with your baby in a stroller, it’s important to be able to stop at a moment’s notice! Look for an all-terrain stroller with a hand brake that’s easily accessible on the handle to keep both your little one and yourself safe.

Here are the best all-terrain strollers:

black jogging stroller with three wheels

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

Editor’s Choice

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller provides a smooth ride with its air-filled tires and suspension system so your child will be comfortable on any outing.

Weight Limit
75 Pounds

Stroller Weight
28.5 Pounds



  • handlebar adjusts to fit any height
  • lots of storage space
  • compatible with most brands of car seats

  • no handbrake
  • fold requires two hands

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller stands out as one of the most popular all-terrain strollers because of its many convenient features. Its suspension system and air-filled tires provide a smooth ride for your little one, who can sit up high or relax with the easy-recline padded seat. Six pockets and an extra-large cargo basket means there’s plenty of storage for whatever gear you need for your off-road adventure.

Parents love that this all-terrain stroller is easy to maneuver on all surfaces, with one reviewer saying that it’s “great for walks on uneven sidewalks”, and their baby often falls asleep because “the shocks are great”.


BOB Gear AlTerrain Pro Jogging Stroller

Premium Pick

The BOB Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller is designed for convenience and performance, perfect for parents who want to take their kids on adventures.

Weight Limit
74 lbs

Stroller Weight
31.4 lbs



  • handbrake
  • all-weather canopy
  • lots of storage

  • Some reviewers say the wheels are noisy

The BOB Gear Alterrain Pro Jogging Stroller is designed to make any surface feel like a walk in the park. The moothshox suspension and air filled tires balance willkeep your little one happy throughout your adventure. And the handbrake will keep you in control when you’re hiking or running downhill.

Reviewers are impressed with how smoothly this stroller rides on all surfaces and in every type of weather. One running enthusiast wrote that “how big the tires are” makes all the difference in “going up and down stairs” and making “curbs so easy to go over”. They were also impressed that “the stroller worked great” even on a run in the snow.

Delta Children Apollo Jogging Stroller

Delta Children Apollo Jogging Stroller

Best Value

$135.99 $159.99 Save $24

The Delta Children Apollo Jogging Stroller is equipped with maximum storage, puncture-proof wheels, and a lightweight frame that can withstand a variety of terrains for the ultimate jogging experience.

Weight Limit
50 pounds

Stroller Weight
30.57 pounds

Plastic, Aluminum, Metal, Fabric


  • parent organizer included
  • child tray included
  • Reviewers say it folds easily

  • Some reviewers have had flat tire issues

If you’re looking for an all-terrain stroller that won’t break the bank, the Delta Children Apollo Jogging Stroller has you covered! This stroller has everything you need for an off-road adventure: a shock-absorbing frame, a five-point child harness, and a front wheel that can swivel or lock. And it comes in at the lowest price point on our list.

The Apollo Jogging Stroller can take on any terrain, with one reviewer writing that it “has zero issues on grass, hills, bumpy or cracked sidewalks, dirt or gravel roads”. They also loved that their car seat “snaps into this jogging stroller no issue”, so you can use the Apollo from birth until your child hits the fifty-pound weight limit.

black jogging stroller

Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger by Delta Children

Most Bells and Whistles

$240 $260 Save $20

The Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger by Delta Children is an all-terrain jogging stroller with puncture-proof tires, a shock-absorbing suspension system, and an included car seat adapter.

Weight Limit
50 Pounds

Stroller Weight
29 Pounds

Neoprene, Leather


  • car seat adapter included
  • parent organizer and child tray included

  • Some reviewers found it difficult to fold

The Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger by Delta Children comes with everything you need for outdoor fun with your little one! Besides all of the common features of an all-terrain stroller, the Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger also incorporates a parent organizer and a swing away child tray so you’ll both have a spot for your snacks on-the-go. And the included car seat adapter means you can start taking your child on adventures from the get go.

Parents love that kiddos can nap in the Jeep Hydro Sport Plus Jogger, no matter where they’re walking or running. One reviewer said that despite having “the worst sidewalks [they] have ever seen”, this stroller can “glide right over these imperfections without waking baby up”!


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A navy blue running stroller

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller

Lightest Weight

Parents who love to be active will enjoy the streamlined maneuverability of the Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller, which can handle all terrains and courses.

Weight Limit
75 lbs

Metal, Plastic



  • one-handed fold
  • hand brake
  • large storage basket

  • parent organizer and child tray not included

Weighing in at just 25.3 pounds, the Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller is the lightest on our list. Its light weight combined with the one-handed fold feature means that this stroller is easy to stash in the car and take on any adventure.

Reviewers also love that the hand brake is easily accessible, with one parent saying they chose this stroller after looking for a “stroller with a brake that” they “could rollerblade with safely”. They also appreciated that “the handlebars have a large comfort range”, as they are “fairly tall (6′)” and their “wife is much shorter”, and they can both use the stroller comfortably.

Baby Trend Expedition Race Tec Jogger Travel System

Best Travel System Option

$220 $250 Save $30

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is perfect for parents on the go. 

Weight Limit
Up to 30 pounds

Stroller Weight
41 pounds

Polyester, Plastic, Alloy Steel


  • includes a car seat and base
  • includes parent organizer and child tray

  • Some reviewers say stroller is not compact when folded

If you’re looking for an all-terrain stroller and car seat combination, the Baby Trend Expedition Race Tec Jogger Travel System has what you need! This set includes an all-terrain stroller, a car seat that locks into the stroller, and a car seat base for your car. With this combination, you can seamlessly transfer your baby from car to stroller and get to your adventure without a hassle.

Parents are raving about how easy it is to use the travel system, with one reviewer writing that “installation was easy and intuitive for both the stroller and car seat”. They also found both “the stroller and car seat” to be “well padded and comfortable for the baby” and loved that “the baby will not get disturbed” when transferring them from the car to the stroller in the car seat.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Smoothest Ride

Parents love the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller for its smooth ride, high child seat, and shock-absorbing suspension.

Weight Limit
75 Pounds

Stroller Weight
25.7 Pounds

Polyester, Aluminum


  • high child seat
  • one-handed fold
  • air pump included

  • Some reviewers thought storage basket was too small

The Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller is designed to handle any terrain so you can bring your baby along on the activities that make you happiest. The shock-absorbing suspension and large, air-filled tires easily maneuver gravel, sand, or trails. And a tire pump is included so you can top off the tires before each adventure.

Reviewers mentioned how easy it is to maneuver the Joovy Zoom360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller, with one parent saying that “the “ultralight” in the name isn’t just marketing”. They said this stroller “truly is lightweight” while feeling “incredibly sturdy and durable”, so they know their “child is safe and secure.”

black and pink all-terrain stroller

Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller

Best Color Options

$117 $130 Save $13

The Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller offers a smooth and seamless jogging experience while keeping your child comfortable and protected with a padded seat, foot bar, and 5-point safety harness.

Weight Limit
50 pounds

Stroller Weight
27.5 pounds

Polyester, Alloy Steel


  • all-terrain bicycle tires
  • includes parent organizer and child tray
  • connects to Baby Trend car seats

While all-terrain strollers offer many amazing features, bright colors usually aren’t one of them. But no worries; the Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller will lift you out of a sea of black strollers with lots of color options! Whether you’d prefer a stroller with accents in pink, teal, orange, or another color, you’ll find a fun hue for this one.

Other than the color options, parents appreciate the value of this stroller, with one reviewer writing that the Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller “is the most “worth it” piece of equipment” they’ve “ever purchased for” their child. They love that it can hold up to “spills and the unexpected pouring rain”, as well as “multi-hour walks,” while their “son is comfortable” the whole time.


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No matter which of the best all-terrain strollers you choose, we hope you and your family have many fun and safe adventures!

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