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Best “Big Sister” Gift Ideas

Best “Big Sister” Gift Ideas

From toys to clothes, big sister gifts help toddlers feel special becoming older siblings. Here are the best big sister gift ideas to get her excited.

Entering siblinghood is a big deal, especially when the only child becomes the oldest, and you have to navigate the juggle of two kids and be sensitive to your older child’s feelings. And there are loads of changes coming for your firstborn and potential fears.

There might be fear of a parent’s attention and affection being given to the new baby, leaving your toddler unsure of their role. A toddler can be reassured of their new role in the family through words of affirmation, giving extra comfort when needed, and giving a gift to award them for becoming a big sister.


12 Budget-Friendly Toys for A 1-Year-Old

Looking for affordable options? Here are 12 toys that your 1-year-old will love.

Preparing older kids for a new baby will change depending on their age, but according to Child Mind Institute, giving your toddler a gift from the new baby is a great idea to help them get excited and gifts that show off their new title in the family or make them feel included are great choices. Anything from a toy or a shirt announcing their new “big sister” role makes an incredible gift.

Here are the best “big sister” gifts:

  • BabyProof Growth Chart set

    BabyProof Growth Chart

    Premium Pick

    The BabyProof Growth Chart would be a unique gift for a toddler becoming a big sister. You can mark baby’s height along with their big sister’s growth since the newborn’s birth.This Growth Chart is made of durable canvas material and is eight times larger than other growth charts. It comes with weighted wood bars (so it won’t curl up), a matching pine knob for hanging the chart, 2x Self Adhesive Hook and Loop strips, and a pine box for safe keeping once the siblings have outgrown the 6-foot growth chart.The BabyProof Growth Chart comes in several designs and is easy to set up in 6 steps, no tools needed!

  • Tickle & Main Big Sister book, crown, and doll

    Tickle & Main Big Sister Gift Set

    Editor’s Choice

    Tickle & Main Big Sister Gift Set will make your toddler big sister feel special, and help her understand her new role in the family.Tickle & Main Big Sister Gift Set comes with a felt, jeweled crown with “big sister” embroidered in script font. It also has an 8″ cloth doll wearing a crown of her own to match the new big sister. The last piece in this gift set is an illustrated book with a rhyme story explaining what it means to be a big sister.

  • D.Q.Z Super Big Sis Purple Cape and Mask

    D.Q.Z Super Sis Cape and Mask

    Best Value

    D.Q.Z Super Sis Cape and Mask helps the new big sister feel like her help is needed now that baby has arrived. When she feels needed and appreciated, there is little room for jealousy.The mask and cape come in three different colors. The cape is made of satin, while the mask is made of skin-friendly felt. The neckline closes with a Velcro strap, and the mask holds on your daughter’s head securely with a flat elastic strap.

  • KeaBabies Duo Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Frame

    KeaBabies Duo Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Frame

    $20 $24 Save $4

    This is a sweet idea for baby and their big sister. Although this frame has two sections for baby’s foot and hand print, this little twist can make this keepsake even more special.Add a photo of big sister and her newborn sibling, and on one side make a mold of baby’s hand and the other side have a mold of your toddler’s hand.The KeaBabies Duo Baby Handprint & Footprint Keepsake Frame comes with acrylic paint, a paint brush and a name/date printing kit. The air-dry 100% food-grade clay is safe on children’s skin (avoid ingestion).The frame is made of real handcrafted wood and is covered by durable glass.

  • C.R. Gibson Super Big Sister Pink Tumbler with Straw and Lid

    C.R. Gibson Super Big Sister Tumbler

    $13 $15 Save $2

    C.R. Gibson Super Big Sister Tumbler is an insulated BPA-free cup with lid and straw proudly displaying “Super Big Sister” in a fun font for toddler girls.Your daughter will feel special to have a cup specifically celebrating her.It is made of acrylic, and is double-walled insulated to keep condensation from forming. The screw top lid prevents spills but isn’t completely spill proof. Avoid putting the C.R. Gibson Super Big Sister Tumbler in the dishwasher to preserve it for a long time.

  • Olive Loves Apple Big Sister in Bold Letters Pink Shirt

    Olive Loves Apple Bold Big Sister Shirt

    Olive Loves Apple Bold Big Sister Shirt is a great way to show the world that your toddler is a big sister.The shirt comes in a variety of designs and colors. It is high quality and 100% cotton. Olive Loves Apple shirts are designed simply yet beautifully and always classy.The t-shirt is true to size. Throw it in the washing machine when needed.

  • Big Sisters Are the Best Picture Book

    Big Sisters Are the Best Picture Book

    $7 $10 Save $3

    Big Sisters Are the Best Picture Book explains why becoming a big sister is something unique. Big sisters are needed and can do things that babies cannot.This book is relatable to children as it tells the story from a child’s perspective. Furthermore, the baby’s gender in this book is not revealed, making it easier for a little girl to envision herself in the story with her new sibling.Big Sisters Are the Best Picture Book also reminds toddlers that they are not too big to sit on their parents’ lap when they need comfort. A baby is not the only one who needs their parents’ attention.The illustrated book is hard-covered but has paper pages, so it might be best for preschoolers and kindergartners.

  • The Children's Place Kids' Family Matching pajamas

    The Children’s Place Kids’ Family Matching

    $14 $18 Save $4

    The Children’s Place Kids’ Family Matching Pajamas gets the whole family involved. There is a positive sense of togetherness when parents, big sister, and baby match for bedtime.The pajamas are sold separately making choosing specific sizes easy. It is a one-piece pajama made of mircofleece, which is perfect for a cozy family night.The plaid pajama features a zipper in the front, rib-knit banded sleeve and leg cuffs, and a hoodie with 3D moose antlers and ears. The children’s sizes have a moose face on the front.

  • Texas Tees Matching Big Sister Little Sister Shirt and Onesie

    Texas Tees Matching Big Sister Little Sister Shirt and Onesie

    Texas Tees Matching Big Sister Little Sister Shirt and Onesie comes with a big sister shirt and a little sister or little brother matching onesie.The matching set is made of soft polycotton and preshrunk, so it is machine washable with no worries.Texas Tees Matching Big Sister Little Sister Shirt and Onesie come in several sizes for toddlers and babies, which many other vendors require buying sizes separately.Big sister sizes run from 2T – 8yrs, and baby sizes include newborn to 12 months.

  • Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Changing & Bathtime Play Set

    Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Changing & Bathtime Play Set

    $21 $40 Save $19

    Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Changing & Bathtime Play Set is a 19-piece role-play set. This toy set gives toddlers an insight into what parents do when bathing and changing their new sibling.The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Changing & Bathtime Play Set includes a hooded bath towel, lotion bottle, soap and dish, shampoo and bubble bath bottles, rubber duck, bath book, washcloth, baby comb, baby wipes in dispenser box, ointment tube, two sizes of diapers and a double-sided reusable activity card.This pretend bathtime set helps big sisters learn what it means to bathe baby, encourages empathy and responsibility. Have the big sister bathe and change her baby doll or stuffed animal at the same time as you are bathing and changing your new baby.

  • Ihopes Big Sister with Heart Reusable Tote Bag

    Ihopes Big Sister Reusable Tote Bag

    $10 $14 Save $4

    Mom may carry a tote bag with miscellaneous things while out and about. Give your younger daughter her very own Ihopes Big Sister Reusable Tote Bag. This will make her feel almost as grown up as mommy.The soft canvas material tote is strong with a simple colorful design, displaying a heart and the words “big sister.” This durable bag can last for a while.

  • Tiny Ideas Me & My Sister Picture Frame

    Tiny Ideas Me & My Sister Picture Frame

    Tiny Ideas Me & My Sister Picture Frame captures a lovely moment between big sister and little sister. This classic frame with simple “Me & My Sister” lettering is a sweet way to remember a cherished moment.Take a picture, it’ll last longer. Your toddler will see how special she and her sibling are when their photo is resting on a dresser or table.This wood frame has a glass cover and includes an easel and gray beveled mat.Honor the big sister and baby by inserting a 4” x 6” photo and adding this frame to the nursery, toddler’s bedroom, the living room, or anywhere!

How to help your toddler get used to the idea of having a sibling

Besides gifting something special to your toddler girl when the baby arrives, make sure you’re having conversations about what she should expect before the baby arrives, too.

For toddlers, acting excited about the new addition to come can help them understand that having a baby is something to be happy about. There is no need to oversell the idea; try to explain that things may be difficult at first, and some things will change, but all that is OK because you’re all a team, and you’ll all make sure everyone continues to feel loved and supported.


12 Best Bedtime Storybooks

It’s never too early to start building your child’s love for reading. Here are the best bedtime books for babies and toddlers.

Spending quality time before and after the baby’s arrival will ensure that your toddler is not forgotten and is still special in your eyes–and remember, any big changes that need to happen before the baby arrives.

Child Mind Institute says that making big changes to your toddler’s day or routine, like changing rooms, cribs, or going to daycare, should happen well before the baby arrives, as your toddler will be less likely to connect these changes to a new baby in their lives, which can cut down on any jealousy.

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