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Board hears updates on D-38 climates and mental health programs | The Tribune

The School District 38 board heard an update regarding its first strategic plan priority of providing safe and healthy schools, including results of a student survey and an annual discipline report.

The Lewis-Palmer School District Board of Education had a work session May 7 at the district learning center in Monument where it presented updates on several of the priorities involved with its District Strategic Plan. The Priority No. 1 presentation was given by Rick Frampton, the district executive director of student services, as well as a panel of high school students from and counselors from Lewis-Palmer and Palmer Ridge and to provide discussion regarding mental health support for youth.

In addition, the presentation also included the aspects of the Youth Mental Health First Aid Program, as well as Frampton’s annual discipline data for the school year.

Among the student panel was Kinzie MacLeod (PRHS junior), Iris Jones (PRHS senior), Emmah Johnson (LPHS sophomore), Rylee Watts (LPHS sophomore) as well as counselors Erika Nash (LPHS) and Tia Fisco (PRHS). The panel’s introductory comments on the climate at the respective schools included student mentorship programs, the Real Alternatives to Drug and Drinking (RAD) Program out of the Monument YMCA, the Friends of Rachel Club and the peer-based Sources of Strength Club.

Nash said the highest and consistent priority at her school is working to ensure every student has a trusted adult they can come to with academic and emotional problems.

“We are always very intentionally working on that and trying to get people cognizant of it,” she said. “That’s just a very basic level of support, but our Sources of Strength Program is really cool because the campaigns we do are for everybody, so we try to get every student able to participate in whatever we are focusing on for that specific campaign.”

The panel also took time to field questions and express opinions on what is not working in the walls of their respective schools. The comment consistently made was how teacher-student connection could be better in some instances, especially for freshmen. Implementing a Sources of Strength program at Palmer Ridge was also mentioned more than once.

Frampton explained the community resource of Youth Mental Health First Aid. This is a baseline awareness, recognition and response to students in need of social and emotional help. He said Youth Mental Health First Aid is training for all staff, not just licensed staff, in the district grades five through 12.

“My guess is we have some teachers in our buildings who don’t know what to do when there’s a student who is struggling with some social concerns, and I think that’s essential for us to have,” Frampton said. “I think it’s essential for us to have all of our staff have some awareness on what to look for, what to do when they see some high-risk concerns and also have really solid references and referral options for students whose needs go beyond some first aid levels skills.”

Staff with positions in grades kindergarten through fourth would also have the training available to them. The program involves seven hours of training, training for all staff with students in grades five through 12 as well as students in grades 10-12. The training would also be offered to parents and the community. Frampton’s goal mentioning the program was to initiate conversation to see what can be done to implement it logistically and financially.

“Mental Health First Aid is not designed. It’s not a curriculum that we teach in schools. It’s not something that’s unique and specific to our school staff,” Frampton said. “It would be good for anybody in the community including parents.”

Frampton went into the annual discipline report where it was reported 37 students at Lewis-Palmer Middle School received disciplinary suspensions a total of 46 times between them for the 2023-2024 academic year. Lewis-Palmer High School had 24 students in 26 suspensions, while Palmer Ridge had 15 in 15. The five elementary schools in the district had 17 students suspended total.

Diving deeper into the data, Frampton said he wants to work with the district principals to understand why there has been a 30% increase in the number reported of students suspended.

“I wouldn’t use the word concerning but it’s something that’s got our attention and I would like to spend a little bit more time trying to figure out what’s behind that, if there’s a root cause analysis that we can put in place,” he said.

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