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Breakthrough Stem Cell Treatment for Autism | Medical Tourism Magazine | Medical Travel

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, represents a diverse group of conditions that affect brain development and is one of the most common developmental problems that affect the brain. According to the World Health Organization, about 1 in 100 children have autism and while symptoms are detected in early childhood, diagnosis of autism usually comes much later.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1% of the world’s population has autism spectrum disorders, totaling more than 75 million people. According to CDC reports, 1 in 36 children in the U.S. has been identified with autism, although the incidence rate of the disease has dropped in the country from 1 in 150 in 2000 to 1 in 100 in 2022.  

The mental capacities and abilities of autistic people differ and evolve over time. While some may still retain their capacity to live independently, some may develop severe disabilities that will impair their ability to live without some form of support.  

Treatment options for autism comprise various modalities, including behavioral and communication therapies, occupational therapies, as well as medical treatments, such as antipsychotic medications, to improve the core signs and symptoms of the condition. A major challenge with these therapies is the symptomatic approach to treatment, which often shows minimal benefits to patients. Also, some of the medications used for the treatment of the condition, such as antipsychotics, may come with severe side effects.  

However, new evidence is beginning to shed light into the multifactorial causes of autism, including immunological, genetic, and metabolic events that may lead to developmental changes in the brain that cause autism, and how these factors could be integrated into providing precision therapies for people with autism.  

Diseases that affect the brain and its structure are often irreversible as brain cells are known to have poor reparative and regenerative capacities. Therefore, researchers and scientists are leveraging the regenerative powers of stem cells to restore damaged brain cells and function found in autism, and the results have been promising.  

One such researcher is Dr. Chadwick Prodromos, a stem cell specialist at the Prodromos Stem Cell Institute based in Chicago. Dr. Prodromos has carried out extensive research in stem cell therapies for neurodevelopmental conditions, particularly autism, and has recorded exceptional patient outcomes.  

The stem cell therapy offered at the research institute is based on the simple mesenchymal stem cell. Stem cells are grouped based on which tissues they are obtained from in the body and include fetal stem cells, embryonal stem cells, adipose stem cells, and hematopoietic stem cells (derived from bone marrow or blood).  

Mesenchymal stem cells have a unique advantage of being able to rapidly multiply and transform into a wide range of cell types, which makes them a good candidate for therapies. Mesenchymal stem cells also have a unique capacity to influence immune processes and alter their activities to improve the body’s function, making them preferred for treating autism, which has been shown to have immune-related origins.  

“The simple mesenchymal stem cell treatment we provide in Antigua is consistently effective for the treatment of autism.” says Dr. Prodromos. “In our ongoing clinical trial, 89% of patients have recorded and sustained significant improvement.  Improvement most often takes the form of greater calmness, better sleep, and improved social communication.” he added.  

Patients who have received the stem cell therapies at Prodromos Stem Cell Institute are largely from the U.S., but the institute also sees clients from the U.K and Asia. The treatment takes place in Antigua, an island in the Lesser Antilles of the Carribeans, where patients have reported that the calmness and ambience of the environment have contributed to the immense results they have recorded.

Patients receive the stem cell treatment at the beautiful Hodges Bay oceanfront resort in Antigua and are supervised by a highly trained team led by a U.S-trained physician.    

More than 70 scientific papers have shed light on the immune origins of autism, suggesting that some of the symptoms of the condition occur from immune-mediated damage to brain cells.  Stem cells, which are cells that have enormous regenerative and multiplication capacities, also have potent anti-inflammatory effects but without any negative side effects unlike anti-inflammatory drugs such as prednisone which predispose to infection and biologics which can also be carcinogenic.  

Essentially, these stem cells work by healing the damaged brain cells, helping them self-repair and function like normal.  Stem cells also communicate with other immune cells and help improve the body’s response to inflammatory problems.  

There are only two approved drugs for autism and both are antipsychotic medicines used, for example, in schizophrenics.  They can control harmful behavior but are powerful mood depressors and can be associated with severe side effects such as tardive dyskinesia with long-term use.    

Stem cell treatment consists of simple intravenous (IV) infusion of mesenchymal stem cells from the donated umbilical cords of women in Colorado.   They are the result of term Cesarean sections, ie they are not fetal or embryonic so there are no ethical concerns with their use. They are processed at Vitro Biopharma, an FDA registered, internationally ISO 9001 and 13485 certified cGMP tissue lab in Golden Colorado.  

“In our opinion they are the finest producers of stem cells in the world.  These cells do not produce any kind of rejection because they lack the HLA 2 antigens that cause rejection on other cells.  There are no side effects of treatment.  Neither we nor vitro biopharma have seen any serious adverse events.  Patients typically arrive on Friday, are treated on Saturday and return home the following day.” Dr. Prodromos noted.  

“We also perform EEG studies before and after and have found significant benefits in Brainwaves among treated patients.  We are in the process of publishing our results in this regard as well as our overall clinical results.”

Stem cell therapies hold huge potential for people struggling with autism and our trials have demonstrated considerable promise. We are ahead of the game in this area and are confident to unfold this breakthrough therapy for autism. We are excited to treat more patients both to help them, and also to generate greater publishable clinical data.  

Attached is a testimonial from one of our patient’s mother, Lisa Liberatore MD, who is also one of the most influential people in the autism community in the US and founder of both USA as well as


About Dr. Chadwick Prodromos

Chadwick C Prodromos, M.D. is the Medical Director and CEO of The Prodromos Stem Cell Institute and also Medical Director of the Foundation for Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Chadwick Prodromos is a global leader in the use of advanced therapies, including stem cell and platelet-rich plasma, for the treatment of a wide range of diseases and has done extensive research in these areas.

Dr. Prodromos obtained his Bachelor’s degree with honors from Princeton University and his MD degree education from the Johns Hopkins Medical School. He served a surgical internship at the University of Chicago, after which he completed his residency training in Orthopedic Surgery at Rush University. He went on to obtain a fellowship in Orthopedics and Sportsmedicine at the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Board Certified in Orthopedic Surgery, Dr. Prodromos served as an assistant professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Rush University for nearly three decades and has extensive publications and research in both orthopedics and stem cell treatment.  

To learn more about stem cell therapies for autism at the Prodromos Stem Cell Institute, click here. Call 847-699-6810 for a preliminary treatment evaluation and assessment with Dr. Prodromos at zero cost.  

To learn more about stem cell treatment options and stay informed about the latest advances in the field, please visit If you’re considering stem cell therapy and would like a free quote, visit to get started on your journey toward better health and improved quality of life.

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