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Cancer Treatment in Turkey. Treatment Methods, Doctors and Hospitals #shorts #cancertreatment

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In oncology in Turkey, cancer treatment is a common request from foreigners people in healthy Turkiye company face such requests multiple times a week.

In this video, we will show how oncological diseases are treated in Turkish hospitals What equipment are these clinics equipped with, what doctors work here what methods do they use, and what level of service they offer to patients.

Healthy Turkiye: best doctors and hospitals, advanced treatment, affordable prices

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Cancer is probably the most terrible diagnosis for any person. And this is almost always a surprise. But it’s not a sentence at all.

In search of such professional help, many turn to foreign clinics. Because they trust international experience, level, and quality.

Why cancer treatment in Turkey?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer uses survival rates to measure the effectiveness of treatment in different countries. This is the percentage of patients who lived at least five years after their cancer diagnosis.

In Turkey, the survival rate of women with breast cancer is 78.6%. In patients with prostate cancer – 80.6%. The survival rate for stomach cancer is more than 17%, a figure comparable to countries such as Denmark – 17.9% and the UK – 18.5%.

At the same time, prices for medical procedures in Turkey are more affordable. Although the scale and level of equipment of Turkish hospitals are in no way inferior to European ones. And sometimes they surpass.

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00:00 – 00:33 Oncology in Turkey
00:30 – 01:20 Cancer Treatment Abroad
01:20 – 03:01 Cancer Treatment in Turkish Hospitals
03:01 – 03:26 From which Countries do Foreigners Come to Turkey for Cancer Treatment?
03:26 – 04:09 Oncological Check-up, Cancer Diagnosis in Turkey
04:09 – 04:34 Oncologists in Turkey
04:34 – 07:00 Modern Methods of Cancer Treatment in Turkey
07:00 – 08:10 Narrowly Targeted Cancer Treatment
08:10 – 08:37 Pharmacy Point of a Turkish Hospital
08:37 – 09:05 Chemotherapy Procedure in Turkey
09:05 – 10:09 Medicine and Treatment in Turkey with Healthy Turkiye
10:09 – 11:55 Biochemical Laboratory in a Turkish Cancer Hospital
11:55 – 12:47 Ward for Cancer Patients in a Turkish Hospital
12:47 – 13:45 Medical Tourism in Turkey with Healthy Turkiye
13:45 – 14:07 Subscribe to our channel about Medicine and Treatment in Turkey

The best doctors and hospitals are affordable and certified to the highest standards.

Our main goal is your health, which you can combine with your holiday.

We help patients from all over the world to get quality medical care in Turkiye with the highest standards and affordable prices.

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