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CaringEdge: High quality healthcare right from home | News, Sports, Jobs

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CaringEdge Home Health staff are shown. Front row: Jayda, office companion dog; Megan Ruff-Buchmeier, RN RVP; Kristin Anderson, Speech Language Pathology Director of Therapy; Joanna Kunzelman, physical therapy assistant; Hailey Sebelius, occupational therapist (OT); Middle Row: Daniella Carbajal, CNA; Kristen Gibson, Chaplain; Sarah Redding, OT; Jenna Perlichek, OT Administrator; Kayla Jungling, OT; Kattie Beck, CNA; Vanessa Wentz, RN Clinical Supervisor; Jackie Quiwa-Curry. Back Row: Erin Bradford, RN; Georgina Eidmann, RN; Jennifer Ingold, physical therapist; Alanna Krueger, Kristi Sherven, Kassandra Lipetzky, RN Hospice Director of Nursing; Michelle Tallman, RN; Shannon Schiller, RN Home Health Director of Nursing; Desi Herzig, LPN.

Edgewood Healthcare is dedicated to providing the best care possible for all its patients. The CaringEdge division of Edgewood is no different.

Caring Edge is a home healthcare division of Edgewood Healthcare. Minot was the first location for CaringEdge Home Health, Hospice and OutPatient services. The CaringEdge OutPatient program started at the end of 2017. Home health as well as hospice followed, starting in 2018.

CaringEdge offers expert home health care, outpatient therapy and hospice care, all from the comfort of your own home. CaringEdge is provided by in-house professionals or local medical providers.

“We provide home health and hospice services and some outpatient therapy,” said speech language pathologist Kristin Anderson, Home Health director of therapy. “From a therapy standpoint, for home health we offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.”

CaringEdge provides nursing services and at-home aids. While CaringEdge services are required for patients to be considered home-bound, CaringEdge staff can visit anywhere a person call home.

“We’ve visited patients in assisted living, their home, townhouses, apartments or even in hotel rooms. We can go anywhere our patients consider home that is within our 45-mile radius of Minot,” Anderson said.

CaringEdge strives for quality care and ensuring you or your loved one is taken care of by dedicated professionals. Whether this is teaching you all you need to know after a surgery or assisting you with an ongoing illness, CaringEdge allows you to get the best care possible right from home.

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