CCSD board member voices concerns with Health Advisory Committee curriculum

Ed Kelley, a member of the Charleston County School District (CCSD) Board of Trustees, has provided new context on why the board dismissed members of the Health Advisory Committee.

The Health Advisory Committee is responsible for making sure students are taught medically accurate and comprehensive health education.

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Kelley says documents on the committee’s web page were a factor in removing the members. He also stated the committee’s health / sex education curriculum violated several state statutes.

“I had initially intended to replace the entire committee,” he said. “But we did not have enough applicants of the proper category to stay in compliance with state law. So it wasn’t possible.”

Nevertheless, Kelley says he does not object to replacing any or all of the Health Advisory Committee members if the suggested curriculum does not comply with state law.

An alleged violation he cited was an apparent mention of abortion on the committee’s website, which school districts are not allowed to discuss under state law. This apparent mention can be viewed below:

Kelley recited this lesson plan during the board’s Nov. 13 meeting.

“Once a person confirms they’re pregnant, they need to decide whether they’re going to going to have the baby or become and become a parent to have the baby and let someone else adopt it or end the pregnancy at its earliest possible stage,” he read aloud from the committee’s website.

Kelly also says the committee was not biologically correct when it changed female and male references to gender neutral pronouns.

“It was antithetical to human biology,” the board member said. “In sixth, seventh, and eighth grade when kids are still figuring out life, complicating their upbringing by lying to them about the world around them is simply not acceptable.”

In a 7th grade lesson plan for understanding and preventing STDS, there is a chart that lists certain sex acts as high risk, low risks, and no risk for STDs. That chart can be viewed below:

Kelly believes it puts those “low risk acts” in a positive light.

“That is unkind to do,” he said. “I would argue it’s detrimental, almost abusive to do that to a student who is still trying to figure out who they are.”

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