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Çene Dolgusu,Chin Filler

Çene Dolgusu,Chin Filler

Çene Dolgusu
Chin Filler

Chin filler is one of the aesthetic attempts to balance the facial asymmetry. Thanks to non-surgical chin aesthetics, the golden ratio is achieved and the facial line looks more aesthetic. With the chin filler, the jawline called the Jawline is revealed. Thus, it is aimed to make the face profile look more perfect. Jaw corner filling and chin tip filling ensure that aesthetic problems such as small chin, protruding chin or tilted chin are eliminated. If you want to catch the golden ratio on your face, you can benefit from hyaluronic acid-based filling applications. Provide Golden Ratio on Your Face with Chin Fillers Chin filling is a medical application made with a hyaluronic acid-based filler that allows you to achieve a jawline that is compatible with your face.

Our clinic has an international health tourism authorization certificate issued by the Ministry of Health Republic Türkiye. Our posts are for promotional and informative purposes for our international patients who want procedures, and are not intended to create advertising or demand. In accordance with the new regulations of the Ministry of Health, we share our patients’ posts without comment and with their legal permission. Legal permission was obtained from the patient we shared with.

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