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Chifan Tai’s digital dentistry experience with Medit i900

Chifan Tai’s digital dentistry experience with Medit i900

Chifan Tai's digital dentistry experience with Medit i900

Chifan Tai discusses his experience of a digital dentistry workflow using the new Medit i900 intraoral scanner.

‘Using an i900 for almost a month, I can feel the ease of use. An inexperienced assistant can do the same quality of scanning as experienced clinicians. Before testing the i900 in my clinic, the Dentsply Sirona Primescan was the go-to scanner for most the cases. Now 50% of my cases use i900. The change is dramatic and faster than I expected. When i900 launches on the market, I highly recommend any new user or existing user to try it out.’

Chifan Tai DMD

As a Cerec doctor for a decade, I admire any dental CAD/CAM manufacture company that pursues the best treatment option for dental clinicians. My Medit journey started with Medit i500, i700 wireless and i900. Every model of Medit IOS uses the same Medit Apps and Medit Link for compatible raw data you can add and process for each patient. The Medit Link account provide seamless cloud service to restore the patient’s raw data. Clinicians can access the data through any computer with the same account information. 

The new i900 scanner from Medit, with three different scan head sizes (L, M, and S), boasts a flattened head design that reduces interocclusal distance requirements compared to most intraoral scanners. This design facilitates full mouth rehabilitation scans by easily capturing key reference points like the maxillary tuberosity and mandibular retromolar pad.

It also aids in taking dual bites for cheek retraction and recording mandibular movement for jaw function analysis. Additionally, the scanner, combined with the Medit App, allows for predesigned NTI appliances for centric relation records, streamlining the process further.

Five features that I found the most interesting about Medit i900

1. Better scanning performance

The i900 new scanning tips design make the data catching smoother and faster than previous version. When scanning an implant scan body (Fig 1), denture duplicate case and all-on-x case (Fig 2 and 3) the result is very promising. 

2. Less computer CPU and GPU demanding

The scanning performance of i900 is way better than i700. I like to scan with reliable map mode to check the data accuracy as the scanning process goes. This means less loss of tracking during scanning and it’s faster to turn the reliable map from red to green, ie the data catching is faster and more accurate. That is something both experienced clinicians and less experienced assistants can feel right away. 

3. Bite stitch ability

When you take dual bite with i900, the stitch time reduces dramatically. The Medit R&D team does very good job in that. The L size of new i900 scan tip does it the best. Once you put the scan tip for bite registration the alignment of models happens almost instantly.

4. Post-scan data processing

During the scanning stage when we want to switch different catalog (ie from maxilla to mandible or to bite recording) the data will purify by software. It used to take longer to process, but thanks to Medit R&D team the process time for i900 is less. No more long waiting time to start the next catalog scanning.

5. Continuous app updates

Medit went from desktop scanner developer to an intraoral scanner mega-developer. The global share increases at a rate that must be one of the fastest in the world. The scanners from i500 to i900 can share the same account in Medit Link and the same raw files to help dentists track the same patient with multiple devices and progress of different kinds of treatments in the Medit system.

The Medit Apps can help dentists from patient consultation appointment to final treatment of all kinds. The Apps development speed is the most versatile and fastest in the CAD/CAM dentistry field in my opinion. As a CAD/CAM dentist for decades, I have never seen any company put so much effort into this. 

Experience the new i900 at your earliest convenience by requesting a demo here.

This article is sponsored by Medit.

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