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Coronavirus concentrations surge in Leuven sewage

“Covid is back!” Elke Wollants of KU Leuven’s Rega Institute tweeted on Monday. Ms Wollants personally went to collect a sample of that water from water treatment company Aquafin.

That sample, which was taken on Sunday, turned out to contain remarkably high levels of coronavirus. “It’s been several months since we saw such high concentrations,” Ms Wollants told VRT NEWS.

We have to go back to February 12 to see a similar spike in the data.

“After all these years, we know that Covid comes in waves,” Ms Wollants continues. “We were just waiting to see when the next wave would come. I was very surprised that the concentration measured now was so high.’

Sewage is a good indicator

A lot of the virus in the sewage water means that many people are infected with coronavirus. “The measurements in the sewage water are a good indicator, because there is no good data from Covid tests anymore, because they are no longer taken on a structural basis as in the pandemic,” the researcher adds.

“You can hear around you that a lot of people are sick.  The graph shows coronavirus is probably to blame.” Beyond that, Ms Wollants does not draw any conclusions. This finding can be interesting for people who want to protect themselves, for example because they have weakened immunity.

“And if you want to know for yourself if you are infected with the virus, you can still do an antigen test, because they still work!’ Ms Wollants concludes.

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