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Coronavirus persists with milder symptoms, Shasta Community Health Center CEO advises caution

The symptoms are milder, but coronavirus has not gone away.

Shasta Community Health Center CEO Dean Germano says the center is seeing very few people test positive and, if they do, the symptoms are generally more mild, if there are any at all.

He thinks the cases are primarily coming from planes, trains and automobiles.

“COVID is still very much around. It flares up in pockets, and you see it, particularly nowadays, because of travel. People have been much more engaged in traveling in planes, in trains, in ships, in going to concerts and being around a lot of people,” Germano told KRCR. “COVID is still very infectious. The difference, I think, is that we have a lot of community-immunity from vaccinations and boosting. And, people that got sick have a certain level of immunity and I think thats been king of a protectiveness to that.”

He says be aware when you’re out and about, you don’t want to spread COVID to family or friends who have a compromised immune system. Have test kits on hand so you can test yourself and, if you do have COVID, isolate for a few days.

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