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COVID – 19 Vaccines, Mutations, Updates Dr Ernst von Schwarz Medical News Minute

Medical News Minute 1-28-2021
Dr. Ernst von Schwarz reports on the latest COVID -19 infection rates, deaths and vaccine information. Despite dealing with COVID-19 since March 2020, there are a lot of knowns but also unknowns to date, says Dr. von Schwarz::
1. COVID-19 is a deadly disease.
2. COVID-19 causes more deaths per day than any other diseases (such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases) at the current time.
3. People who die of COVID-19 usually die of multi organ failure secondary to septic shock as a result of respiratory failure caused by virus pneumonia with bilateral lung infiltrates with the inability to absorb oxygen. With lack of oxygen (despite high doses given by ventilators) ischemia occurs which then leads to organ failures, besides other direct virus induced issues such as the formation of clots or the development of an inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis). As a result, even young and healthy people can die as a result of Coronavirus infection.
4. Older people (above 75 years of age) and those with chronic lung diseases or heart failure, diabetes, obesity, frailty and dementia are at highest risk of dying from covid-19.
5. The vast majority of people contracting COVID-19, however, do recover without significant disease.


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