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Creating Bond With Baby Before They Are Born

The bond between babies and mothers is unlike any other bond there is. While many first-time moms may think that the connection between themselves and their babies begins on the days when little ones are born, that attachment can begin much sooner. The bonding can begin when babies are still in the womb and are beginning to be able to see, hear, and even feel the emotions their mothers have. This makes interacting with babies so important before they are born. It can be done by singing and talking to the baby bump but more importantly, treating babies like they are a part of everything that women are experiencing because they are. All of which help to create a bond with a baby before they are born.

Before babies are born, they are learning about the world around them. This happens through what they hear from their mothers and experience the emotions their mothers feel. The more that women are able to describe what they are seeing and talk to their babies directly, the more familiar babies will become with their mothers’ voices. That can help to put them at ease when newborns take their first breaths and feel the cool of the environment they are born into, given how scary it can seem after being warm and cared for in the womb for nine months. This makes that first interaction between babies and mothers the one that can seal the bond that the two have from that time forward.

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Here is the ultimate guide for pregnant women about creating a bond with babies before they are born.

Importance Of Bonding With Baby

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Babies are born into the world completely dependent on their mothers. A world that is completely foreign. By taking the time to bond with babies while they are in the womb, mothers can bring a sense of ease to little ones about what life will be like once they are born. And in the process of doing so, begin the foundation of building trust between babies and mothers as well.

According to WebMD, babies are developmentally capable of many things before they are born. Those things include:

  • Seeing
  • Hearing
  • Feeling
  • Remembering
  • Tasting
  • Thinking

When their mothers talk to them, babies are able to take those experiences of what they hear with them as they are born. This begins the process of being able to “sense” the love that mothers are giving to their babies, according to the publication. That makes newborns automatically secure with their mothers when they enter the world. The more that mothers do to interact with their babies while expecting, be it talking, singing, touching the baby bump, or just feeling joy for being pregnant, it sets a positive tone for little ones. And it also begins the bond that babies and mothers have with one another that continues to grow stronger after babies are born.

When Baby Can React To Mom During Pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, babies are not developed to the point where they are aware of anything going on around them. But that does not mean that mothers-to-be have to wait until their little ones can hear and respond to stimulus. After all, the sooner that moms begin to interact with their babies, the more attached they become to them. And there is nothing wrong with that.

According to PregnancyBirth&Baby, starting around 18 weeks gestation, babies are able to hear what his happening in their mothers’ bodies. This is why things like the heartbeat are so soothing to little ones after they are born. Making things like skin-to-skin time so important.

At about 26 weeks gestation, babies are able to hear what is happening outside their mothers’ bodies, according to the publication. This includes things like mothers’ voices, people that are being talked to, music, and even loud noises. And all of this helps to shape the way babies interpret the world they are going to enter several weeks from that time.

These things that are being heard are able to be remembered by babies, according to PregnancyBirth&Baby. Because of this, the more that babies are interacted with by their mothers, the stronger the connection will be with them at birth. Making for a strong relationship right off the bat for moms and babies.

Ways For Mom To Bond With Baby Before Pregnancy

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Many women may not know where to start when it comes to bonding with their babies before pregnancy. Fortunately, it does not take a lot to interact with little ones. In fact, just hearing mothers’ voices alone can help with the bonding process before birth.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, ways for women to bond with their babies before birth include:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Listening to music
  • Reading out loud
  • Talking to baby calmly
  • Talking to baby by name or nickname given
  • Meditating, taking care to focus on heartbeat and breathing
  • Get baby used to others in the family with family time
  • Doing gentle exercise that rocks and relaxes baby
  • Massaging the baby bump
  • Keep a pregnancy journal
  • Have a prenatal massage
  • Do a maternity photoshoot

These are just some ways to bond with babies. Anything that mothers can think of that includes their little ones in daily activities, all the better. It is just that much more when babies are exposed to before birth and that much more of an attachment mother is building with their babies in the months before the two meet in person.

What To Do If Mom Feels Silly Trying To Bond With Baby Before Birth

Women can feel funny talking to their baby bumps. Not only do they not know what to say, but they feel like they are talking to themselves when doing so. All of which are very natural. But, if those expecting are willing to try and talk about even the most mundane things with their developing babies, it will pay off with dividends when it comes to the bond between mothers and babies.

According to NHS Inform, any sort of kind and peaceful talking to babies while they are in utero is beneficial to building the attachment felt between mothers and babies. This means that if women feel at a loss for what to say, they can simply tell a story that happened during the day, per the publication, or something that is just plain silly. The goal is to get babies used to their mothers’ voices so that they have something to gravitate toward when born. And by doing this, the bond at birth will be strong. Stronger often, than most new moms ever believed it would be.

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Sometimes, regardless of how much time mothers have spent interacting with their babies during pregnancy, that spark of immediate attachment that they thought would be there just is not. It can lead to feelings of guilt on the part of mothers. But what they need to remember is that not only is it okay to have this happen, it is normal to have this happen.

According to What To Expect, babies are born wanting to have a bond and attachment with their mothers. Mothers may not always be on the same page when it is time for this to happen.

If this is the case, according to the publication, mothers should not feel bad for their lack of bond felt. Instead, they should give themselves some grace and recognize that bonding can take time.

At the end of the day, according to What To Expect, if mothers are meeting their babies’ needs and are doing things to show affection, babies likely are not even remotely aware that their mothers are still working on trying to create a bond. In fact, babies are so blissfully unaware of what is happening that the bond they feel for their mothers is only increasing. Something that mothers should begin to feel as well once life begins to settle down in the days after birth.

If the bond is not being felt by the time women take their babies in for their first checkup after delivery, then doctors should be made aware of what is happening, per the publication. It is possible that undiagnosed postpartum depression may be to blame. And the sooner it can be addressed, the sooner bonding can commence.

Source: WebMD, American Pregnancy Association, PregnancyBirth&Baby, NHS Inform, What To Expect

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