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Cutting-Edge ‘Artificial Tongue’ Targets Oral Bacteria For Breakthrough Dental Care | DentalReach – Leading Dental Magazine

Cutting-Edge ‘Artificial Tongue’ Targets Oral Bacteria for Breakthrough Dental Care

Researchers have unveiled a groundbreaking ‘artificial tongue’ equipped with a chemical sensor array to identify and neutralize oral bacteria, as published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. The innovative technology aims to expedite the identification of bacteria responsible for dental diseases and bacterial infections.

Building upon previous success in creating an ‘artificial tongue’ that mimicked the human ability to distinguish between tastes, the newly developed sensor array goes a step further by not only identifying but also effectively eliminating 11 types of disease-causing oral bacteria.

Traditionally, distinguishing between oral bacteria necessitated methods like culturing or DNA marker testing. The ‘artificial tongue’ streamlines this process, offering a simpler and more cost-effective means of identifying the root causes of dental caries and periodontitis.

The mechanism behind the ‘artificial tongue’ involves mimicking natural enzymes that adhere to various bacteria types. A colorless indicator is then deployed, with each bacteria type triggering a distinct color change. Notably, the ‘tongue’ also boasts an antibacterial effect, actively destroying the bacterial cells.

Researchers envision a future where this technology plays a pivotal role in diagnosing and treating bacterial dental diseases, addressing concerns from halitosis to tooth decay. Beyond oral health, the implications of this innovation extend to broader health considerations.

The report emphasizes that prolonged dental infections can lead to life-threatening conditions such as endocarditis or brain abscesses. Bacterial infections, as noted by the researchers, rank as the second most common cause of death, contributing to one in eight deaths globally.

The authors highlight the urgent need for early diagnosis and clinical treatment, emphasizing that accurate discrimination and efficient elimination of bacteria are crucial for improving survival rates in the face of infectious diseases.

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