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Dental Care Amidst Chaos: Gaza Dentist Opens Tent Clinic As Conflict Rages | DentalReach – Leading Dental Magazine

In the midst of ongoing conflict and war, one Gaza dentist is determined to provide essential dental care to his community. Dr. Najdat Saqer, a 32-year-old dentist, has set up a makeshift dental clinic in a tent in Nuseirat, central Gaza, after his original clinic was severely damaged by Israeli strikes.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Dr. Saqer’s commitment to his profession and his patients is unwavering. His new tent clinic may be unconventional, but it is equipped with state-of-the-art dental equipment, carefully placed on a plastic sheet spread over the sandy ground. The walls are adorned with his professional certificates, serving as a testament to his expertise and dedication.

Dr. Saqer’s journey to establish this makeshift clinic was not easy. After his original clinic was targeted multiple times, causing extensive damage, he decided to take action. Retrieving his dentist’s chair and other essential equipment from his damaged clinic, he transported them to his new location in a rickshaw before setting up the tent.

Operating under the constant backdrop of war, Dr. Saqer faces numerous challenges, including a lack of electricity, water, and essential dental supplies. Despite these obstacles, he remains focused on providing much-needed dental care to his patients, even as the sound of drones and explosions fills the air.

The situation in Gaza’s healthcare system is dire, with the United Nations warning of its imminent collapse. Only 10 hospitals are minimally functional across the entire Gaza Strip, leaving thousands of patients without access to essential healthcare services. The World Health Organization has reported that approximately 9,000 patients in Gaza require emergency evacuation for medical care.

Dr. Saqer’s tent clinic serves as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos, offering dental care to those in need. His resilience, dedication, and commitment to his community highlight the importance of healthcare professionals in times of crisis. Despite the ongoing conflict and challenges, Dr. Saqer’s message to his patients remains clear: “This won’t hurt,” as he continues to provide compassionate dental care amidst the turmoil.

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