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Dentist’s Passion For Turtles Leads To Unexpected Career Change

Dentist’s Passion for Turtles Leads to Unexpected Career Change

Halifax, NS – April Nason, a former dentist, has left her dental practice to pursue her lifelong passion for sea turtles. Nason, now the education and outreach co-ordinator for the Canadian Sea Turtle Network, is on a mission to raise awareness and advocate for the protection of these fascinating creatures.

Growing up with pet turtles, Nason developed a deep love for these gentle reptiles. Inspired by her childhood connection and fueled by her desire to make a difference, she made the decision to transition from dentistry to marine conservation.

Nason’s role as the education and outreach co-ordinator involves organizing presentations and events to celebrate World Sea Turtle Day, which took place on June 16. Through these initiatives, she aims to educate the public about the importance of sea turtle conservation, especially in Atlantic Canada.

Many people are unaware that sea turtles can be found in Atlantic Canadian waters, particularly the leatherback species. These majestic creatures, weighing an average of 400 kilograms, migrate to the region’s shores to feed on jellyfish. Nason’s work involves dispelling misconceptions and highlighting the need to protect these remarkable animals.

While her career shift surprised some, Nason knew it was the right path for her. “Sea turtles don’t have teeth, so I like to joke that I have tried to get away from teeth as much as possible and choose an animal that has no teeth whatsoever,” she humorously shared.

Nason’s dedication to sea turtles extends beyond her job. She encourages residents to keep an eye out for cold-stunned turtles during their fall migration, as they can end up stranded on the shores of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. By raising awareness and fostering community involvement, she hopes to contribute to the preservation of sea turtle populations.

As Nason continues her journey with the Canadian Sea Turtle Network, she serves as an inspiration for those who choose to follow their passions and make a positive impact on the world around them.

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