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Developing Mindful Business Strategies in Medical Tourism and Wellness Industry by DR PREM JAGYASI

Will medical tourism die? Will wellness tourism collapse? The prolonging of the pandemic has given rise to these obvious questions. A majority of experts believe the Covid-19 impact will last till 2022. It would not be wise to put marketing activities on hold for that long. Neither can you go too slowly else it will erode your brand. Hard times do not call for stalling essential activities but one has to do it focusing on viability.

The medical and wellness tourism market will not only survive but thrive:

The demand for healthcare and wellness is at an all-time high. Patients are having a tough time getting the required care and support in chronic disease management, cancer treatments, organ transplantation, and other critical conditions. Common sufferings are very much there, and people are eager to travel at the first opportunity.

It would be wise to accept that such pandemic-like crises will be a part of our lives. The world would see different forms of health emergencies in the future. Stopping marketing means going out of the customers’ sight. Billion-dollar business awaits medical and wellness tourism that will pick up as travel restrictions get eased worldwide. It is the time when stakeholders need to take a viable approach to market activities. In the muted market, you have the golden opportunity to make your presence felt.

Crises will come and go. The key to successful marketing in hard times is to identify viable strategies. Use your intuition and expertise to generate newer demands or create innovative solutions that would successfully meet the indispensable requirements of your customers.

In this video Dr Prem Jagyasi, talks about Developing Mindful, Viable and Sustainable buisness strategies for medical tourism, wellness tourism, global helathcare and wellness resorts.

Secure a one-hour personalized coaching with Dr. Prem Jagyasi, a forerunner in not only Medical and Wellness Tourism Consulting but also various other dynamic sectors. Here is the link to book a personalized coaching session with Dr Prem:


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