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Diet quality reduces obesity risk in women lacking sleep

Researchers in Korea conducted a cross-sectional study to examine the association of obesity with sleep duration and diet quality in adults. They found that diet quality could affect obesity risk among women who lack sleep.

“Obesity was associated with higher rates of insufficient sleep in women but not in men,”​ wrote the researchers in Nutrients​.

They also found that women who lack sleep have a significantly higher obesity risk especially when their diet quality is low.

“These findings suggest that the association between sleep duration and obesity risk is potentially modified by dietary quality in adult women,”​ said the researchers.

Short sleep duration has been linked to an increased obesity risk, and emerging evidence suggests that diet quality potentially influences this association.

Several studies have revealed an association between insufficient sleep and increased food consumption, snacking, and poorer dietary quality. This is due to a decrease in the hormone leptin, which suppresses appetite, and an increase in the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite.

Furthermore, nocturnal serum levels of the stress hormone cortisol are elevated in individuals with insufficient sleep. Cortisol tends to promote wakefulness and fat storage, leading to weight gain.

This trend was observed based on a previous Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES), which revealed an association between short sleep duration and a moderate increase in both overall and abdominal obesity among Korean adults.

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