Divert foreign aid to U.S. mental health

As we all grieve for the families and victims of the horrific events that unfolded in Lewiston, now we hear the resurgent calls to ban guns, change laws, to stop this madness. Unfortunately, this is not the solution or fix for this terrible trend.

We send billions of dollars in foreign aid to purchase weapons to fight little-understood wars. This might be great, but we have to ask: Why not keep a billion or so dollars here?

Promote programs to establish better mental health. Have more mental health professionals to identify people or kids with mental health issues. Currently, many people in our state have to travel three hours to find help, and often have to wait six months for an appointment. There are glaring problems with our system of treatment for people with mental health issues. I beg our state and federal governments to become more proactive in identifying this issue.

I understand this is a long-term solution, but it has to start somewhere to help curb another Lewiston, Sandy Hook, Columbine and an ever-growing list of sorrow and grief.

Bruce Burns

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