Dr. Girardi on the role of urologists in women’s sexual health issues

In this video, Sarah K. Girardi, MD, FACS, discusses what she hopes attendees take away from the 2023 LUGPA Annual Meeting session, “Building a successful female sexual health program/SPA,” as well as the role of urologists in addressing unmet needs related to women’s sexual health issues. Girardi is a urologist at Advanced Urology Centers of New York in Manhasset, New York.

Video Transcript:

What are you hoping that attendees take away from this session?

We’re hoping they see first of all that there is a need if they ask the right questions, and that this need is not currently being met adequately by gynecologists; I think we all assume that. Urologists can play a central role in helping women through the symptoms that are associated with hormone issues.

How might urologists help meet this unmet need?

It’s a real natural for urologists. We see so many women in our practices, often because of urinary tract infections, for example. If they really pay attention to where she is in her life, whether she’s postmenopausal or she might have had some surgery in her past, many women with breast cancer histories have had their ovaries removed, these sorts of more radical losses of their hormones. As a result, some of the routine urinary tract infections have more to do with their hormonal status than with some particular risk for infection. It is natural for urologists to be aware of it, and it’s also a natural for us to at least offer treatments, which are absolutely evidence based in terms of hormonal treatments for infections.

This transcription has been edited for clarity.

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