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Ecuador Medical Tourism – Cosmetic Treatments, Surgeries, Procedures, and Cost (Cost of Living 2020)

We had an educational visit with a plastic surgeon in Cuenca Ecuador. We explored the cost savings for common procedures compared to the cost in the US, and reviewed the quality of the clinic and care. Ecuador is a favorite destination for medical tourism, especially cosmetic surgery and treatments. The savings in cost for these procedures are often not covered by insurance, the savings are often far in excess of the additional cost of flights, hotel and a side vacation. We hope this video helps you to understand why Ecuador is often a country used for American medical tourism.

The Dr. in this video is: Dr. Jose Valdivieso
He can be reached at:
Cell and WhatsApp: Ecuador 593 099 906 6000

Ecuador is affordable, and the lifestyle you can have on a typical Social Security check of $1,500 a month is very attractive. Budgets vary, and many live in Cuenca Ecuador on much less than $1,500 and others far exceed $1,500. We’ve met people living on under $1,000 while we’ve been here, so that is a possibility.

If you are looking for a place in Cuenca please use our affiliate link on AirBnb, we do make a commission on this but it does not impact the rates.

Julie and I retired early not by luck but by planning.
One of our spokes to our wheel for savings, and now an income stream
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Cost in USA Averages are from

These are the USA Average Cost of Procedures:
Arm Lift – US$7,175
Body Lift – US$15,125
Breast Augmentation – US$6,450
Breast Lift – US$7,925
Breast Reduction – US$7,250
Brow Lift – US$7,150
Chin Augmentation – US$4,525
Eyelid Surgery – US$4,650
Facelift – US$12,125
Gynocomastia – US$5,475
Labiaplasty – US$4,025
Lip Implants – US$2,500
Liposuction – US$6,025
Neck Lift – US$8,550
Otoplasty – US$4,150
Rhinoplasty – US$7,475
Smartlipo – US$4,750
Thigh Lift – US$8,575
Tummy Tuck – US$8,150

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