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Episode 10 Out Now: Telemedicine | #podcast about #healthcare in #america | #medical system flaws

Dear Healthcare, It’s You.

In Episode 10: Dr. Elisha Yaghmai continues the story of the history of Telemedicine in America and the role he played in it. In last week’s episode, Elisha shared how he came up with the idea of using untapped technology to solve access to healthcare in rural communities.

But health insurance blocked their progress, refusing to cover the services (and thus payment) again, and again, and again.

Hear about their multi-year battle, how they finally won, and how health insurance providers block advances in medicine and access to healthcare in the US.

Episode 10 – Telemedicine: How Health Insurance Providers Blocked Innovation

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Dear Healthcare, It’s You — A new educational podcast investigating the broken U.S. Healthcare system.

Why is it failing? How are you getting screwed over? Who is profiting? How can it change?

Get a peak behind the curtain of what really goes on in healthcare in America and how that influences the care the American public receives.

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