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Families That Understood The Assignment For Baby’s First Halloween

Families That Understood The Assignment For Baby’s First Halloween

Baby’s first Halloween is a milestone to remember. There’s honestly not much that’s cuter than a baby in costume, and it’s the first time that parents get to make this special memory with their child. Whether parents choose to dress up baby only, or use the opportunity to go for a family costume, people have come up with some unbelievably clever ideas. The best ones are where a family can utilize their specific sense of humor and let their creativity shine. If the goal is to make others laugh, these are the families that understood the assignment.

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Package Delivery Worker

Baby Sitting Up In UPS Halloween Costume
Via Amazon

Special delivery! Baby may be dressed as the delivery worker, but they are the best thing we’ve ever received. We see these drivers on a daily basis–from Amazon to FedEx, to UPS, to the United States Postal Service. But an infant dressed up as an adult is something we don’t always see. Having baby all dressed up as an adorable version of someone bringing us our anticipated package is sure to make people laugh.

Subway Sandwich

Baby dressed up as Subway sandwich
Via Instagram, @tayloralboher

We see and hear about “baby burritos” all the time–but what about a baby sub? A swaddled baby looks just like a foot long from Subway, and we love that someone thought of this. Maybe it was a pregnancy craving, maybe it’s something that has a special meaning for you, or it’s just plain funny, this idea is definitely unique. Baby can rock a hat that indicates sandwich fillings, and apparently swaddle blankets with the Subway logo can be purchased. Your baby would be wrapped up tightly and comfortably, and you’d still have an awesome costume.

Baby Elvis

Baby Dressed Up As Elvis Presley
Via Amazon

All hail The King. A baby Elvis Presley is a costume idea that appeals to all generations. Your little “hunk of burning love” can have all the flair of a traditional Elvis outfit and look adorable while they rock it. The Instagram caption ideas are endless with this one.

Starbucks Latte

Baby Halloween Costume That Looks Like Starbucks Drink
Via Etsy, Tes Beams And Particles

So basic–so cute! This baby costume perfectly represents pumpkin spice latte season. We love that the onesie looks just like the cup, with the cardboard holder included, and the stirrer is part of the hat, as it would look poking out of the lid. From head to toe, baby looks just like that PSL from Starbucks.

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Mother, son, and baby dressed up as characters from Ghostbusters movie
Photo: Via Instagram, @adventureswithmylittle

The 80s hit movie Ghostbusters has been inspiration material for Halloween costumes over the last few decades. Having baby dress up as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is not only adorable, but they look the part with their adorable, chubby cheeks. The more rolls, the better.

Baby David Rose

Baby In Onesie With Sunglasses Dressed Up As David Rose
Image Source: Ariel Young

“Ew, David!” Lovers of the comedy show Schitt’s Creek can make the iconic cast a family affair for Halloween costumes. Popsugar spoke with a mom who wanted to dress like matriarch Moira Rose and got the idea to dress her four-month-old son as David, Moira’s son. He certainly looks the part with the signature eyebrows, sunglasses, and lightning bolt shirt.

Little Stinker

Baby In Skunk Halloween Costume
Via Walmart

Babies can be little stinkers, and this costume says it all. Who knew skunks could be so cute? These critters are associated with smelliness, and sometimes our precious babies can be known for that, too. If the shoe–or the costume–fits!

Baby Eleven

Photo Of Baby Sitting On Couch With Box Of Eggo Waffles
Photo via Colleen Kane

Fans of Stranger Things get it! Season one version of Eleven, one of the popular show’s main characters, was dressed very simply, had a bald head, and a penchant for Eggo waffles. This makes for a simple DIY costume–baby can wear clothing similar to what Eleven wears when we meet her and can have an Eggo representation to make it clear. It’s a funny way to play on the lack of hair that babies tend to have in their first year.

No matter how young baby is during their first Halloween season, there are still ways to make it fun, and ways to include them in dressing up. These ideas were perfect for newborn babies up to soon-to-be-one-year-olds. No matter how sweet and funny these costume ideas are, though, we can’t help but let the voice of reason have its say. Halloween costumes for a baby should be practical if anyone wants to maintain a sense of sanity. Consider diaper changes, spare outfit pieces in case of an unplanned wardrobe soiling, and the weather in your area in late October. Ideally, baby’s costume should be easy to layer and access for changing.

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