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Fatty Fish Boost Kevin Love’s Players Performance

Kevin Love is in love with his diet. He loves to eat Salmon to help him stay healthy and boost his performance in the NBA. Kevin is 33 years old. It is the perfect age for good nutrition to slow the aging process and increase performance. It is all about anti-inflammation.

Salmon is a perfect fish to eat because it is very high in DHA and EPA. About 100g, 3.5 ounces of Salmon provides about 400mg of Omega-3. But, of course, it has to be fresh Salmon. Canned has half that at 120mg. Omega-3 is very powerful. It does help to prevent inflammation in your body. However, most Americans do not get enough or good sources of Omega-3. You can see it in the high percentages of Americans who have diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. Studies show that if people can get between 250-500 mg a day of Omega-3, it would significantly prevent disease.

Salmon is not just an excellent source of protein, it is a superfood as well. In addition, it is loaded with vitamins like B6, B12, vitamin D, vitamin E, and selenium. All of these are significant contributors to producing energy in your body and diminishing and decreasing any inflammation. So, your muscles and nervous system can recover and rebuild quickly and effectively.

There’s only one catch, when eating a lot of Salmon. Depending on where the Salmon is caught from makes a difference. Salmon caught in open water may contain a lot of mercury where fished in natural waters or farmed, will not. So, if Salmon is a staple in your diet daily, you may want to make sure it comes from natural waters. You may be getting the excellent Omega- 3 benefits, but nothing will help with mercury poisoning. Kevin gets his fish from Pacific Northwest.

DHA and EPA Differences

Overall, fish has the proper proportions of DHA and EPA that can only be gotten from fish. For example, the DHA and EPA are salmon work right away, whereas eating nuts and seeds contain ALA. Therefore, ALA needs to be converted to DHA, and only about 10% converts. The same goes for Omega 3 supplements.

Kevin Love is a five-time All-Star basketball player. Kevin says that eating the Salmon is the number one reason he enhanced his performance. As an athlete, you should look for the best sources of food for your body to recover. Being in the NBA, the NFL, or any professional sport where your energy and strength needs are very demanding, you need to have the best foods to replenish and recover quickly.

Furthermore, Kevin avoids all processed foods, excessive carbohydrates, and simple sugars to enhance his anti-inflammatory diet, much like Tom Brady and Ron Gronkowski. It does not make sense to eat fish then destroy all the health benefits by eating processed oil and foods.

When you cut inflammation out of your diet, your body will function and perform at an optimal and maximal level with health, energy, performance, and recovery.


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