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Financial gains for Pisces to success for Gemini; what cards predict this week from March 19 to March 25

Weekly Tarot Horoscope from March 19 to March 25: Every day presents its own set of possibilities and setbacks. Horoscope predictions help individuals plan their days and week in advance so as to avert the risks of any mishaps. Before beginning the planning process, you might want to read the weekly astrological predictions for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Updated Mar 19, 2023 | 01:59 PM IST

Weekly Tarot Card Readings from March 19 to March 25

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ARIES (Mar 21st to April 19th)

Despite work or financial stress, finances will improve. You will get opportunities for generating income from more than one source. Part-time income or a small business venture will be successful. You may seek the help of a professional in matters concerning family; be it a tuition teacher for your child or a health expert. You are likely to spend money beyond your assigned family budget. Those seeking jobs will attract via a young HR follow-up. Unemployed will get a job of their choice with a little compromise on salary. Health suggestions from a friend or a friendly doctor will improve your medical conditions. Focus on preventive healthcare will help improve health. A chance meeting with a friend or talking to them will lighten up your mood. Foreign country travel or VISA obtaining will be easy this week. Students will perform well and you will be in a positive mood on their educational front. Singles attending a party are likely to be attracted to someone. Arranged marriage proposals met this week will fructify into engagements or per-engagement ceremonies. You will benefit from all aspects of life. Invest in your child’s education or make a fund for your child to get maximum returns from stocks this week. Only long-term investments will do good for you this week. In case you are in litigation with someone then you might spend a fortune this week.

Love Horoscope tip: Watching an English movie or visiting an exotic place with your lover would spark more romance in life.

TAURUS (April 20th to May 20th)

You will attract excellent alliance on the matrimonial front. Be open to proposals coming from relatives. Great week for those in the family business. You will rise and shine amongst your peer industry group. Someone is likely to misguide you on the work front so don’t take risk of new clients unless you are sure of their financial credit period and it’s cross-checked. Avoid disturbing the peace of the house if you aren’t sure of your decisions. Incase you are prompted by someone to seek help on Vastu or other consultations then do not avoid their advice. You are likely to attract a house with negative vibes if you are planning to buy a property this week. Avoid visiting any occult or tantric or a professional witch as that will make your life miserable this week. Unnecessary expenditure to maintain social status will not bring the feel-good factor. Litigation related to property or with your partner will be in loss for you. Singles will attract a short-tempered taskmaster. Ongoing medicine or treatment will continue. Education wise students will receive support from their mother’s side in every aspect including fee payment. Avoid travel or VISA to foreign countries as you may be in deficit if you do so this week. Sudden health expenditures related to a family member’s health can bother you.

Love Horoscope tip: You are likely to have difference of opinions with your partner on petty topics this week. Cards suggest you to apply rose perfume or give them a rose and avoid talking or defending yourself to safeguard your relationship.

GEMINI (May 21st to June 20th)

You will achieve success on the work front. Business investments will be good in future. Avoid running away from family responsibilities. Singles should avoid dating someone suggested by a friend or it may lead to a breakup. Avoid speaking harsh words in order to win an argument or your partner will be deeply hurt and may carry this for a long. You may eat poorly or fast a lot for good health. Pregnancy is not on cards this week if you are trying. Loan applications could be delayed and you will be tensed about finances. You may be compelled to buy a house on the suggestion of a lady. Travel will be good. VISA applications will be accepted. Victory in litigation matters will come this week. You may be compelled to take care of an ill person for a short while. You will be attracted to someone from your educational institute and may want to spend time with them.

Love Horoscope tip: The application of tuberose-based perfume or gifting one will entice your partner.

CANCER (June 21st to July 22nd)

You may sign a contract as excellent opportunities arise at work. You are likely to take a loan or swipe your credit card to keep up your image at the workplace. You will be successful in any sort of competition or job interview. Hardwork will drain your energy this week your partner may have health concerns even if it’s not visible now, cards suggest you to get their blood and other tests done. Women amongst two litigating people will win. If both litigating people are men then cards suggest you to promise a lady to gift her something if you wish to win this week. Loss of huge money is indicated so do not invest in trading. Marriage suggested by brokers will be successful. Gain through partner and property is indicated. You are likely to fall ill during exams. Avoid consuming anything white in colour and cold.

Love Horoscope tip: Seek the help of an expert or mentor in matters of the heart. Avoid judging your partner on every petty issue in relationship matters.

LEO Daily Horoscope (July 23rd to Aug 22nd)

You will be financially drained and deficient. A lady will help you manage expenses. Avoid separating from your partner for a short while or visiting your parent’s house as it may worsen the matter. Avoid getting into the temptation of office romance. House renovation or construction will be beneficial to you. You may be compelled to visit people out of family pressure. Singles will attract the right partner through an arranged marriage setup. Excellent period for those who wish to study or visit a different state. Medical tourism will be successful. Expect good alliances from foreign countries. Those in business related to education or are studying will do well. Keep a check on your lawyer if you are in litigation with someone. They are likely to cheat you and get commission from your litigating partner.

Love Horoscope tip: Act fast in matters of love or you will regret it.

VIRGO (Aug 23rd to Sept 22nd)

You are likely to be cheated if you are into the business of design, print, interior or anything related to creativity. Health will suffer due to blood pressure. You may suffer from piles or menstrual issues. Loan for business or home will be beneficial. You will receive the money this week. Singles will attract heartbroken alliances but they will be good to match. Religious trips will bring luck. Long distance travel will be successful. Family will lean upon you for support in matters of stress. The health of your mother will improve and you will feel emotionally secure. Travel to medical centre or hospital is indicated. Students will perform consistently based on their previous performance in exams.

Love Horoscope tip: Avoid being misled by a fortune teller or a numerologist and use your common sense in matters of love relationships and romance.

LIBRA (Sept 23rd to Oct 22nd)

Avoid disputing with a woman who has medically healed this week or she will create stress in your work and finance matters. Excellent career opportunities arise this week. Any renovation of home or workplace will bring financial success. Great week for students. Travel and VISA plans will be successful. Bad period related to health is getting over however it may leave its impression on you. You are likely to suffer from a water-borne disease this week. Keep a tab on spending money if you are single. Health of your life partner will suffer for 3-4 days. You will feel blessed by the support from family and your spouse. Litigation matters will get sorted out of court and peacefully if you try to reconcile. You may enjoy saving this week. Education wise week will be satisfactory. Invest in government bonds or traditional securities to benefit from them. Singles will attract emotional partners.

Love Horoscope tip: Keeping finances with your partner will be a wise decision to prosper in the coming period.

SCORPIO (Oct 23rd to Nov 21st)

Your judgement could go wrong on matters concerning finance and will bring temporary lack to you. Victory in court litigation or in matters of inheritance will bring joy. Excellent week for finances. Making securities in the name of a woman will bring more success to you. Despite work stress, life will be rewarding on finances. Change of medicine or doctor will be helpful in health matters. Travel will be successful. Avoid planning pregnancy this week and also VISA applications or you face problems. You may win over litigation by presenting minced facts this week. New alliances on the marriage front will get you excited, consider someone suggested through a broker or a relationship manager of a matrimonial site only. Good offer from HR will keep you excited. Benefit from women is indicated this week. You are suggested to take health insurance or invest in mediclaim this week.

Love Horoscope tip: You will attract an emotional person and being vulnerable emotionally with them will heighten your romance quotient.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22ND to Dec 21st)

You can help a young girl with finances. Purchase of a property will be fruitful this week. Change of doctor will help improve the medical condition. Do not take blood pressure matters lightly. You will have short distance travels this week. Be alert with your and your family’s health issues. You may have financial support this week yet stress of finances will come on to you. New job or business will be profitable if you are serious about your career. Singles may attract good alliances working in corporate or from a different states. Success in court case will bring joy. Education wise this is a fruitful week. Overall a joyous week for Sagittarius. Good marriage for Sagis is indicated this week.

Love Horoscope tip: Be careful about health matters of yourself and that of your partner to avoid any mishaps later. Words like thank you or positive words will make them fulfilled emotionally.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22nd to Jan 19th)

Take the help of a junior or a broker in matters related to work and you will get fast success. ‘Delegation of work’ is crucial this week. Family will feel elated over travel. Travel will make you also happy and health will improve. Seek the help of a young woman in matters related to litigation to become victorious. Avoid cheating with your partner. Renovation of house or office will bring overall success. Movies of film stars who are Capricorn will do well. Purchase of expensive educational gadgets may happen this week including software for laptops. Singles should avoid dating someone they doubt is lying. You are likely to meet someone who will send you an old picture of theirs in order to attract you into a relationship. Positive news comes in all other aspects including education, travel, and visa.

Love Horoscope tip: Try to make some changes in your bedroom or buy something that will improve your bedroom life.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20th to Feb 18th)

Less finances, more show off of it happens for Aquarians this week. Control boasting about your company or work this week. You may face disappointments from your partner. Acidity, gas or bloating can affect your health. Someone in the family may have blood pressure and heart concerns. High chances of marriage fixation and turbulence thereafter in married life is written for Aquarius. Loss in litigation matters will disturb you. Overall it will be a highly stressful week. Avoid concluding about a lady this week or you may repent later. Stay alert on property matters. Avoid lending money. Your partner may manipulate or lie to you. Aquarius can also spend money this week hiring a trainer or nutritionist. VISA and travel are not on cards this week. Avoid taking all sorts of risks this week.

Love Horoscope tip: Be careful of your words or you may regret them later.

PISCES (Feb 19th to Mar 20th)

New work opportunities will be loaded onto you this week. You will be asked to follow up with juniors and you may feel likewise of your position. Excellent week for love, family and social life. You will get invited to party with people. Great alliances on the marriage front are expected this week. Avoid getting into the temptation of cheating on your partner. Consult a fortune teller before buying any property or investing anywhere. Health will be great and you will feel energized. Financial gains, gains through litigation and inheritance will make them feel cheerful. Expect positive news from foreign country or on education and or new job fronts.

Love Horoscope tip: Consume anything in control and in moderation to avoid accidents in relationship matters.

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