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Fresh Focus episodes #67-70: Celebrating National Nutrition Month®

March is National Nutrition Month®. As we celebrate this year’s theme of “Fuel for the Future,” let’s all take a few minutes to look at our plate, starting with the newest Fresh Focus podcasts.

Do you need to add more healthier meals and snacks to your daily routine? Listen in to episode #67 as Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Brenda Greer breaks down ways for you to eat healthy while still maintaining your food budget.

Fresh Focus episodes #67  –  Healthy Eating on a Budget

Topics discussed include adopting recipes to what ingredients you have on hand, having a plan for what meals you’re planning to make, and buying items in bulk.

Use these great budget friendly meal planning tips on your next grocery store trip!

Fresh Focus episode #68 – How a VA Dietitian can assist with Food Security

Have you ever seen a VA dietitian? If not, you might be wondering how one can help you with managing the rising costs of food. Due to the increase in food costs, a lot of Veterans are facing food insecurity, a term that means you’re not able to buy enough food to stay in good health.

In this episode, VA Dietitian Nutritionist Sara Peidle goes more in-depth about food insecurity. She also offers advice about how to reach out to your VA dietitian if you’re facing this issue and what to expect when speaking to them. Your VA dietitian can help with meal planning, making healthy substitutions and finding ways to reduce food waste in your kitchen.

Fresh Focus episode #69 –  Be Successful in Meal Planning

Does the phrase meal planning elicit images of extra time cooking and eating the same items over and over again? It doesn’t have to! Tune in to this episode as VA Dietitian Nutritionist Erin Gobeille gives you tips for meal planning success that will fit best in your lifestyle.

The episode starts out with the importance of meal planning and why it’s encouraged to achieve a healthy diet. Then it discusses the process behind how to be successful at meal planning, including scheduling when you’ll be able to prepare the meals, choosing what recipes to make, and shopping for ingredients. Meal planning can feel overwhelming at first, but it just takes some time before you find a unique system that works for you.

Fresh Focus episode #70 –  Health Marketing and Perception

Ever tried looking up a healthy recipe or information and get lost in a rabbit hole of so much nutrition information that you don’t know where to start?

Listen in to this episode where VA Dietitian Nutritionist Sieger Giroux of Fresh Focus reminds us of the most important things to check out while sifting through social media and online health information. Learn tips on how to successfully shift your perception in a way that help[s you protect yourself from poor quality and misleading information so you can receive the most reliable health-information to better your overall health.

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