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From Birth To Graduation, Parents Swear By These Cards To Announce Life’s Big Moments

From Birth To Graduation, Parents Swear By These Cards To Announce Life’s Big Moments

I have a love-love relationship with Minted. Remember that old commercial with the guy who says he isn’t just the president of the Hair Club for Men but a client, too? That’s how I feel about Minted. I’m not the president and I have no affiliation, but I am a fangirl who uses its services regularly and feels strongly about letting everyone else know about its amazingness. Especially other parents, who know the importance of these milestones that arrive before we may be emotionally prepared for them.

Back in the past, I owned my own card business — so, I know what makes a solid card. Not only have I used Minted to design my holiday cards for the past seven years (which is a requirement after having kids, according to my Jewish relatives who, ironically, love a good Christmas card), but I also deeply admire the artists who create Minted designs. The creator community spans all 50 states and more than 100 countries, so you’re guaranteed to find a style that suits your event — and there’s one for every occasion. From birth announcements and 1st birthday invites to graduations and all things weddings, basically every stop on the parenthood journey is covered.

Below you’ll find a sampling of some of my favorite cards from Minted for all of the biggest milestones of being a parent.

Minted Has Products To Announce You’re Expecting

Baby announcements don’t have to consist of an elaborate video that goes viral on TikTok. They can be just as impactful with a sweet and simple card like this one that showcases your growing belly or a photo of tiny shoes, or maybe something else equally cute and tiny.

And To Celebrate You As A Soon-To-Be Parent

After the birth announcement comes the baby shower, and what better way to announce it than with this little cutie card? Customize the card with all the details of the shower, including where you are registered. And remember, a hands-on card is likely to be hung on refrigerators, which means your friends and family will get to look at your card every day while remembering to get you a gift, which is always nice.

If oranges aren’t your things, there are loads of baby shower cards to choose from, each just as cut(ie) as the next.

Minted Can Help Announce The Grand Arrival

When the baby has finally arrived, send your loved ones this gorgeous card adorned with real foil to help it stand out and bring some dimension to it. You have a choice of seven shiny foil colors and six color themes. Add a photo of your little one along with their birth stats if you so choose. While this design is gorgeous, there’s no shortage of great layouts on Minted.

For a classic Disney vibe, consider this magical Bambi birth announcement. Choose the size that speaks to you most (postcard, petite, classic, or grand), and decide if you want the card to be folded or flat. You can add a touch of foil to this card as well.

In partnership with Disney, Minted offers lots of Disney-related invitations and announcements — from vintage Disney characters like Bambi and Thumper for birth announcements to Pixar favorites for birthday invitations to Disney-themed designs for wedding invitations. (Yes, wedding invitations!)

& Then Help You Celebrate Every Special Birthday After That

Birthdays are a fantastic reason to celebrate and celebrate often, and Minted’s birthday invitation collection doesn’t disappoint. I mean, just look at this gorgeous first birthday invite. The card can be personalized with all of the information about the party that you want to include, including your favorite photo of your baby (soon-to-be toddler!) from the past year. But good luck choosing.

They also have plenty of customizable non-photo cards that stand out, in case you’re looking for more privacy over your child’s image. Like, this birthday barbecue invitation, for example. It’s colorful, fun, and includes all of the important details you want to convey. You can have Minted cover every party, every year.

& When They’re Leaving The Nest, Minted Can Help You Celebrate Graduation Too

Graduation is a super exciting time in a young person’s life and deserves all the attention. Add a photo of your child (who is no longer a child!) to this graduation card and let your people know where they are headed for college if that’s their next step. If college isn’t in the cards, you can announce whatever you’d like on the card to brag about your kid.

You can also go for a graduation card with spots for several photos — you know, if one pic of your grad just doesn’t cut it. Or if they would rather you not use a photo at all (why are they like this?), there are plenty of non-photo options as well that’ll help you properly celebrate.

If your kid receives graduation gifts, Minted also has some great thank-you cards. You might have to convince them to address the envelopes and send them out, but that’s to be expected.

Plus, For Any Card You Choose, You Can Customize All The Details

When you select a Minted card design, you can choose the color theme, shape, quantity of cards, type of paper, and any matching accessories you might want. The personalization tools allow you to change the words and add your own photo. You can also request a free sample to make sure it’s exactly what you want it to be. Another plus? Minted is big on being environmentally friendly, with all of its packaging being recyclable or compostable.

Life’s big moments are worthy of celebrations — the small moments, too. Minted can help you spread the love and joy before, during, and after every event.

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