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Functional Nutrition: Here’s how to use food as medicine to reverse chronic health conditions

functional nutrition
Image Source : FREEPIK Know how to use food as medicine to reverse chronic health conditions.

Food has always been the cornerstone of any regimen that one undergoes to improve his or her health. Yet, we tend to often overlook it as a cure for all the root causes of health problems that we face. 

According to Functional Nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and Founder, of iThrive, functional nutrition, based on the principles of functional medicine, is a form of therapy that includes using nutrition, supplements, and some dietary changes as well to reverse chronic health conditions. 

It transforms dysfunctioning bodily systems into optimal, functional health. While Functional nutrition uses food as medicine, it is not just about food, but overall lifestyle change. Instead of prescription drugs, functional nutrition addresses the root cause of the problem.

We do this by asking vital questions such as, “Why do you have the problem in the first place?” and “Why has this function been lost?” It views the individual as a different set of functional cells. Functional nutrition provides a diet according to that. It supports the normal recovery mechanisms of the body rather than attacking the symptoms or the effect directly. It stresses that health isn’t only the absence of any illness but the state of immense vitality.

Nutrition is more than just the intake of food; it encompasses a balanced diet, water consumption, protection from toxins, and a proper exercise regimen. When it comes to caring for our body, we often focus on masking the symptoms rather than treating the root cause. 

Consider the analogy of a leaking boat: Conventional medical efforts are like bailing out water with a bucket, which is akin to working out to lose weight. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting, and when you stop, the problem returns. Functional nutrition, on the other hand, finds and fixes the leaks, ensuring the boat (your body) stays normal. This approach applies to various health issues, not just weight gain.

Functional Nutrition emphasizes the importance of optimal food choices tailored to each individual’s body. Advanced lab testing can help identify specific foods that may cause inflammatory responses within your body, allowing you to cure many inflammatory diseases by simply eating the right foods.

This is not just a trend but the future of healthcare. It brings us back to the fundamental principle of addressing the individual’s unique needs and restoring health through the power of food and lifestyle. 

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