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GE HealthCare Launches Caption AI on Vscan Air SL Wireless Handheld Ultrasound System

What You Should Know:

GE HealthCare is revolutionizing cardiac assessments at the point of care with the launch of Vscan Air SL with Caption AI.

– The innovative solution combines the portability and ease of use of the Vscan Air SL handheld ultrasound with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to guide clinicians in capturing high-quality cardiac images and automatically estimate ejection fraction.

Early Heart Disease Detection

Early detection of heart disease is crucial for better patient outcomes, but traditional echocardiographic assessments can be challenging in resource-limited settings. Vscan Air SL with Caption AI addresses this gap by:

  • Lowering the barrier to entry for cardiac imaging: With real-time visual guidance and a quality meter, even non-expert ultrasound users can capture diagnostic-quality images.
  • Simplifying image acquisition: AutoCapture and Save Best Clip features ensure the best possible image is captured efficiently.
  • Automating ejection fraction (LVEF) estimation: The AutoEF feature provides valuable data to inform clinical decisions.

This innovation builds on GE HealthCare’s legacy in portable ultrasound technology. Since introducing the first color, pocket-sized ultrasound device (Vscan) in 2010, GE HealthCare has continuously pushed the boundaries of accessibility. Vscan Air SL with Caption AI is a testament to this commitment, making next-generation ultrasound care more accessible to patients.

Why It Matters

This launch strengthens GE HealthCare’s position as a leader in AI-powered medical devices. With Vscan Air SL with Caption AI, they join the company’s impressive portfolio of over 60 FDA-authorized AI-enabled medical devices in the US, with nearly half being AI-enabled ultrasound innovations.

“With the increase of cardiovascular disease and shortage of sonographers around the globe, innovations like the Vscan Air SL with Caption AI are hugely transformative in cardiac care, supporting rapid and confident assessments at the point of care,” said cardiologist Jordan B. Strom, M.D., MSc. “AI guidance has enormous potential in ultrasound due to its ability to guide experts and relatively new users in retrieving diagnostic-quality information to make timely and accurate decisions and get patients on the right path sooner.”

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