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Get on board with the Dental Hygienist Roadshow 2024

Building on last year’s triumph, the 2024 Listerine Dental Hygienist Roadshow launched at the North of England Dentistry Show, establishing a new standard of excellence in the dental community.

The first of the 2024 Listerine Dental Hygienist Roadshows, on Saturday 9 March, brought together some of the brightest minds in dentistry, showcased a robust evidence base, and fostered meaningful discussions on advancing dental practice.

Capitalising on the momentum of last year’s achievements, the Roadshow has already demonstrated it will deliver an even more compelling experience for its participants. Indeed, the start of the 2024 Roadshow was nothing short of a triumph. With rooms filled to capacity for each of the three engaging sessions, attendees were immersed in a world of knowledge and innovation.

This year, the spotlight is once again on the introduction of an adjunctive mouthwash—an area that garnered significant interest last year—while delving deeper into the latest findings and their implications for patient care.

The aim is to share knowledge using the latest, high-quality evidence, supporting dental professionals’ approach to guiding patients in their at-home oral hygiene practices.

A distinguished panel

Once more, the Roadshow is being fronted an impressive lineup of speakers. Professor Iain Chapple, a standout from last year, returns to lead with his pioneering research and captivating delivery. Accompanying him in the north were Benjamin Tighe and Laura Bailey, each contributing unique perspectives.

Laura captured the essence of the event, saying, ‘It’s been an absolutely amazing day. We’ve had the opportunity to do three forums, which ordinarily we’d only be able to do one. We talked to loads of clinicians and have been able to really understand the new evidence, the paradigms of gingivitis, and how we could better help our patients.

‘I had an absolutely great time delivering my presentation on growth mindset, and it’s something that we can translate into every aspect of our life, whether it’s dentistry, our careers, hobbies, our family life. And I think, hopefully, people took something away today and they can start changing their careers and having work freedom.’

Fostering active involvement

All the speakers then shared invaluable insights during the Q&A Forum, which aims to foster active involvement, offering participants the chance to explore topics in depth and interact directly with the experts.

This method was proven to be an effective avenue for learning and networking, as the positive feedback from the 2023 participants showed. The 2024 version is set to meet and uphold the high expectations established by its predecessor, continuing the tradition of limited and exclusive entry to the Q&A Forums.

To create an atmosphere that supports thorough understanding and connections, attendance at each session will be capped at 10 individuals, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your opportunity awaits

For those who missed this remarkable event, there is good news – the Roadshow will be visiting other locations throughout the year, including:

  • Dentistry Show Birmingham – 17 and 18 May
  • Dentistry Scotland Show – 21 September
  • Dentistry Show London – 4 and 5 October.

At each venue, attendees can enjoy a unique experience, with three Q&A Forums held throughout the day on the Listerine stand.

This presents a golden opportunity for dental professionals to engage with experts, explore the latest in dental research, and experience the transformative power of shared knowledge.

Secure your spot

Given the overwhelming interest and limited seats available for the Q&A Forums, it is advisable to register early. Ensure you don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to enrich your professional journey and impact your practice positively.

Delegates interested in joining future forums can register at


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