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Go Practice Green: your pathway to sustainability

Mark Topley explains how Go Practice Green can help your practice become more sustainable with minimal time, effort and disruption.

In the midst of the growing patient and employee demand for eco-responsibility, understanding sustainability is not just an ethical imperative – it’s a business one, too. ‘Go Practice Green’ is your new dental-specific sustainability platform. It’s a subscription based, online, self-paced platform to walk you step by step through a proven process to become a more sustainable practice.

Your practice faces numerous challenges every day, from tight budgets to the ever-ticking clock. The thought of adding another task to your list can seem daunting. Especially when shrouded in myths such as ‘sustainability will drain my time and funds’ or ‘our industry’s waste practices leave no room for green initiatives’.

‘Go Practice Green’ is here to shatter these misconceptions and show you the greener side of practice operations that won’t cost the Earth – literally or figuratively.

Eight spheres of sustainable influence

‘Go Practice Green’ focuses on eight key areas to make an impactful change without undue strain on resources:

  • Biodiversity: this is about making efforts to increase and protect different types of plants and animals around your dental practice
  • Carbon footprint: understanding and reducing the practice’s contribution to climate change by using less energy. Also, by adopting greener ways of working and travelling
  • Communications: sharing information with your team, patients, and the local community about what your practice is doing to be more sustainable
  • Management: this involves making sustainability a key part of how the practice is run. It can include both how decisions are made and how staff are involved
  • Plastics: using less plastic in the practice and finding better alternatives that are not harmful to the environment
  • Recycling: this involves setting up and following a system to separate and recycle different types of waste properly
  • Reducing resources: this means using less water, energy and other materials to help conserve natural resources
  • Supply chain: this is about choosing products and services for your practice that are environmentally friendly and ethically made.

How does it work?

With ‘Go Practice Green’, you’re not just handed a checklist but are walked through a guided process to usher in a sustainable transformation. This platform is crafted to be as non-intrusive as possible. It slowly weaves ecological responsibility into the fabric of your daily operations.

Due to our expert support and accountability, implementation can undertaken by any team member – they will be in safe hands. But managing the initiative doesn’t have to be a solo journey. It’s a team effort, and ‘Go Practice Green’ shows you how to tap into that collective power, engaging your staff and turning every member into a sustainability ambassador. Plus, clear, genuine communication strategies are included, empowering you to share your green transformation confidently with your patients.

Let’s debunk the myths

  • Time and money: ‘Go Practice Green’ seamlessly integrates into your current workflow. The initial investment of time will pay off with long-term cost savings and a boost in your reputation
  • The ‘single use’ dilemma: discover innovative alternatives that meet industry standards while minimising environmental impact, through the power of choice and innovation
  • Simplifying the sustainable shift: adopting sustainable practices is a process that unfolds over time. With ‘Go Practice Green’, you can concentrate on taking one step at a time, leaving the broader strategy and complexities to us.

Make a strong beginning without a hefty commitment. Sign up to ‘Go Practice Green’ now and secure a lifetime 10% discount as part of our launch offer. This discount isn’t just a deal – it’s an invitation to start your sustainability journey in a way that’s accessible, affordable, and adaptable to your unique needs. Just use the code ‘DM0524’ at checkout.

‘Go Practice Green’ is not asking you to move mountains but to take steps that will build to create one. Each eco-friendly decision is a stone in the foundation of a sustainable future for your business. Don’t wait for change – create it.

Join ‘Go Practice Green’ today, where sustainability meets simplicity. It’s time to show the world that your business isn’t just another practice, but one that’s green at heart and ready to lead by example.

Visit to start your journey and claim your 10% lifetime discount with the code DM0524. Your business, your planet, your future – it all starts with one click. Go Practice Green today!

This article is sponsored by Purpose Driven Business.

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